The Times - Specialist - Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 133

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Clues Answers
“Boy, boy, crazy boy, / Get ____, boy!” (West Side Story lyrics) COOL
“Ultimo” used to mean “of the ____” in business letters last month
A bird that cannot yet fly NESTLING
A foreign country, according to LP Hartley the past
A form of vitamin B3 NIACIN
A literary souvenir signed copy
A major landmark in this southeast London district is a large fibreglass feline Catford
A word that starts the usual name of three different countries UNITED
According to Monty Python, Martin ____ could “think you under the table” HEIDEGGER
Alternative to “firn” as a name for snow on its way to becoming glacier ice NEVE
An old alternative to “medicine”, as both healing and drugs PHYSIC
An ____ novel is a series of documents, especially letters EPISTOLARY
Boadicea’s tribe ICENI
Brief statement, often surprising or satirical EPIGRAM
British comedian compared to Norman Wisdom, or the first man to run 400m in less than 44 seconds Lee Evans
Calcium carbonate hanging from a limestone cave roof STALACTITE
Canaan, according to the Old Testament the promised land
Determine the concentration a substance in a solution by volume measurement TITRATE
Edmonton is the capital of this Canadian province ALBERTA
England’s traditional heraldic emblem Tudor rose
Foodstuff originally made in Normandy Camembert cheese
Game of physical agility, first sold in the 1960s TWISTER
Good example of a particular characteristic EPITOME
Howard Land played The Onedin Line’s Captain ____ on TV BAINES
In The Full Monty, a dance move was likened to the Arsenal ____ offside trap
Instrument that twice answers the celesta at the beginning of Tchaikovsky’s Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy bass clarinet
Island reached by ferry from Fionnphort on the Isle of Mull IONA
Johnny Depp made his film debut in this 1984 American slasher movie A Nightmare On Elm Street
Lady Godiva’s husband LEOFRIC
Likely to become an earworm CATCHY
Clues Answers
London district containing Battersea power station and New Covent Garden Market Nine Elms
Many French kings were anointed in the Cathedral of ____ REIMS
New town in Essex, planned by Frederick Gibberd HARLOW
Not playing as well as one has done before out of form
Novelist and goalkeeper who wrote The Stranger Albert Camus
On a bicycle in the UK, this should be red, positioned centrally or offside, and between 35 and 150 cm from the ground rear light
One place to keep your coppers coin pouch
Possible alternative to “chip” as a burger accompaniment onion ring
Process between compiling a crossword and publishing it, for example EDITING
Proverbial warning about unnecessary investigation curiosity killed the cat
Scorer of the final match injury-time goal that made Arsenal the 1988-9 Division One champions michael Thomas
Small village and large parish, close to Cape Wrath durness
Sport administered by the Gaelic Athletic Association HURLING
Stories supposedly told by Florentine residents escaping the Black Death The Decameron
The “corn” in corn on the cob MAIZE
The area of a ____ or parallelogram is base times height RECTANGLE
The first woman to run a marathon in less than two and a half hours Grete Waitz
The original “____ of Europe” was the Ottoman empire sick man
The school, college or university you attended is your ____ alma mater
There are three in Glen Coe, and seven near Eastbourne SISTERS
Thin layer of wood VENEER
Town whose football team is (according to its website) named after Edward VII’s wife CREWE
Two-door car with a folding roof and sloping back drophead coupe
Type of diaphragm used in many modern cameras IRIS
What the fifth song on Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album has no title
Wild urban feline alley cat
Yellow creature in Despicable Me films MINION
____ geometry is about 2,300 years old, and still taught EUCLIDEAN
____ was a player in the England women’s football team, 1983-98, and was its coach, 1998-2013 Hope Powell
____’s best-known operetta is The Merry Widow Franz Lehar