The Washington Post - Oct 21 2018

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Clues Answers
'Blah, blah, blah,' briefly ETCETC
'Breaking Bad' toxin RICIN
'Constant Craving' singer KDLANG
'Exodus' author URIS
'Gymnopédies' composer SATIE
'Hmm' GEE
'Snow White' witch's download? POISONAPP
'Tartuffe' dramatist MOLIERE
'That's __!' ANONO
'The Americans' agcy FBI
15th-century food-stained collectible? GUTENBERGSBIB
18-Across and family NINS
61-Across wear BIKINI
Allow LET
Annoy IRK
Arm or chin follower REST
Audio units: Abbr DBS
Bama rival OLEMISS
Beachcomber's pace STROLL
Beat it LAM
Benefits SAKES
Big D cager MAV
Bios unread by their honorees OBITS
Boot protectors TOECAPS
Bot head? ECO
Bread, for stew SOP
Breezy and open AIRY
Broody rock genre EMO
Captain Hook's creator J.M. __ BARRIE
Carousel item BAG
Caught GOT
Cavalier 'My bad' SOSUEME
Chaotic mess SNAFU
Chickadee kin TIT
China-related prefix SINO
Cholesterol letters LDL
City on the Elbe DRESDEN
Cost-of-living no CPI
Cute calendar subjects KITTENS
Disc golf 'ball' FRISBEE
Dollar for a shot? BELTBUCK
Dollars for shots? ROUNDTAB
Dropped-jaw stare GAWP
Dutch South Africans BOERS
Dutch town STAD
Easy time LEISURE
Eight furlongs MILE
Emotional wounds TRAUMAS
Endemic NATIVE
Erstwhile U.K. recording giant EMI
Fabulist's Cheer alternative? AESOPSFAB
Fine-tune HONE
First name in erotica ANAIS
Football laterals, e.g TOSSES
Forces fraudulently (upon) FOISTS
Freezer __ AISLE
French article whose singular form is 'disconnected' from nine puzzle answers LES
French word in bios NEE
Full range GAMUT
Geological period EON
Glance PEEK
Goals AIMS
Going by, for short AKA
Gulf of Guinea country NIGERIA
Half a fitness motto USEIT
Harbor protector JETTY
Home of Elaine, in Arthurian legend ASTOLAT
Iconic WWII island, briefly IWO
Clues Answers
Irritates EATSAT
Jamaican hybrid fruits UGLIS
Japan's emperor AKIHITO
Kind of trading, briefly OTC
Least obfuscated OPENEST
Like loving caresses SENSUAL
Like many forest roads UNPAVED
Liszt work ETUDE
Long-running forensic series CSI
Mexican mama bears OSAS
Mezzo-soprano Anne __ von Otter SOFIE
Middle Corleone brother FREDO
Miss, say SHE
Mist and such VAPORS
More eccentric BATTIER
Morning paper, e.g EDITION
Movement at a boring concert? NOD
Mud, slop, pig, etc.? ELEMENTSOFSTY
Mystery award AGATHA
Mythical flapper ROC
Neh. and Esth BKS
Newsroom VIPs EDS
Not in class ABSENT
Not out-of-bounds, as a ball INPLAY
Of __ mind ONE
Opinion SAY
Painting of an annoying bricklayer at work? MORTARANDPEST
Part of a flower PETAL
PC linkup LAN
Peak in Thessaly OSSA
Penalty callers REFS
Photo possibilities OPS
Piles up AMASSES
Place for a bootee TOOTSIE
Popular Oahu beach WAIKIKI
Put more varnish on RECOAT
Qatar's capital DOHA
Refine, as ore SMELT
Ric of The Cars OCASEK
Sailing maneuver to avoid a pirate's threat? DEFENSIVETACK
Seedy motel, say RATTRAP
Sets money aside SAVESUP
Show great respect for, perhaps IMITATE
Slip away ELAPSE
Smartphone component LENS
Some leave you powerless OUTAGES
Stick on the grill KEBAB
Suffer AIL
Sweet Sixteen org NCAA
Tel __ AVIV
Their pockets aren't deep PITAS
Tigers' home: Abbr DET
Tightly packed DENSE
Tip for changing your answer? ERASER
Tip for solving in ink? NIB
Twin-but-not-Twins' city STPAUL
Twists WARPS
Undocumented Nepali? YETI
Universal GLOBAL
Unlike idioms LITERAL
Vardalos of film NIA
Vehicle hired to carry steeplechase horses? JUMPERCAB
Wasp's weapon STING
What an X may mark THESPOT
Where brownies come together BAKERY
Window hanging DRAPERY
With the bow, in music ARCO
WSJ news bit IPO