USA Today - Dec 6 2018

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Clues Answers
'A Wrinkle in Time' director DuVernay AVA
'Fantasia' frame CEL
'Full Frontal' host Bee, when she was young? SAMANTHALARVA
'Hilarious!' HAHA
'Hook' sidekick SMEE
'Law & Order: SVU' actor ICET
'Peace Train' singer Cat, when he was young? KITTENSTEVENS
'Super Trouper' vocal group ABBA
'Terrible' time TWOS
'Very impressive!' OOH
Adds to the payroll HIRES
Apartment ad datum AREA
Apt anagram of 'my car' CAMRY
Architect born in China PEI
Baked good at a brunch MUFFIN
Bert Bobbsey's twin NAN
Butter maker's need CHURN
Call from the crow's-nest AHOY
Center box, on a bingo card FREE
Clunker of a car HEAP
Color associated with Ireland EMERALD
Covent Garden highlights ARIAS
Digitally scanned eye part IRIS
Dismissed summarily AXED
Draw out, as an answer ELICIT
Elaine, the first Chinese-American Cabinet member CHAO
Fighting like cats and dogs ATIT
Fish in a bagel shop LOX
Fish in many fish sticks COD
Freak out PANIC
Garments of ancient Rome TUNICS
Geisha's accessory FAN
Had a nosh ATE
Hall of Fame-worthy GREAT
Hawaii's Mauna ___ Observatories KEA
Home of the Bulls and Bears, informally CHI
In the old days THEN
Clues Answers
In ___ (harmonious) SYNC
Kind of splinter group SECT
Led Zeppelin's 'Whole ___ Love' LOTTA
Less trusting WARIER
Liar's poker bill, usually ONE
Made a faux pas ERRED
Microsoft Office component WORD
Name after 'aka' ALIAS
Nine-time Grammy winner Crow, when she was young? SHERYLCHICK
Noodle, so to speak HEAD
Ogre who loved Fiona SHREK
Out of kilter AMISS
Paris hub ORLY
Parthenon goddess ATHENA
Penny-in-the-well thought WISH
Pipsqueaks TWERPS
Poker-faced STONY
Poli ___ (college major, briefly) SCI
Politico Newt, when he was young? EFTGINGRICH
Pope born in Poland JOHNPAULII
Reporter's question that's an anagram of another WHO
Sergeant Friday, e.g COP
Soccer stadium cheer OLE
Sounded like an angry dog SNARLED
Still in one piece INTACT
Sweetie pie DEARIE
Target Center, e.g ARENA
Tear to shreds REND
Tennis venue, or its namesake ASHE
Top with a slogan TSHIRT
Transgender Chaz BONO
UFO crew ETS
Unified group in an election VOTINGBLOC
Urban Dictionary entries SLANG
Whitney Houston's longtime label ARISTA
Wraps up ENDS
___ Mahal TAJ
___-plant (skateboarder's fall) FACE