New York Times - Oct 15 2018

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Clues Answers
'Huh-uh' NOPE
'Mamma ___!' MIA
'May ___ your coat?' ITAKE
'You can count on me' IMIN
'___ Te Ching' TAO
Alternative to a convertible or station wagon SEDAN
Apple computer IMAC
Ballerina's skirt TUTU
Brandy fruit APRICOT
Cable material that transmits data using light OPTICALFIBER
Call from a tennis official LET
Candied Thanksgiving dish YAM
Card game made by Mattel UNO
Container typically with a pull tab SODACAN
Curl target, informally BICEP
Dog with a wrinkly face PUG
Dough raiser YEAST
Drive-in chain featuring carhops SONIC
Eastern ascetic FAKIR
Eight: Sp OCHO
Elderly AGED
Fairy tale fiend OGRE
Food that's husked CORN
Forest or mountain maiden of myth NYMPH
French novelist ___ France ANATOLE
Goal of cancer research CURE
Gov. Cuomo's constituency: Abbr NYS
Hindu divinity DEVA
In a gentle manner KINDLY
Intoxicating HEADY
Japanese dog AKITA
King topper ACE
Legendary jazz saxophonist JOHNCOLTRANE
Making up stories LYING
Manhattan Project weapon, informally ABOMB
Clues Answers
Mesozoic, for one ERA
Mineral springs SPAS
Movie with an iconic theme that starts with two alternating notes JAWS
Neither Dem. nor Rep IND
Night demon INCUBUS
Not the main wager SIDEBET
One with a crystal ball SEER
Opera solo ARIA
Peace Nobelist Wiesel ELIE
Perfume, as in a religious ceremony CENSE
Planets like Neptune and Uranus ICEGIANTS
Pleads BEGS
Pollution from car emissions, in part SMOG
Prefix with pressure or puncture ACU
Question ending many a riddle WHATAMI
Read, as a bar code SCAN
Romantically daydreaming of, with 'over' MOONING
Scammer CONMAN
See 67-Across ATHEART
Stand around the mall? KIOSK
State symbol of Massachusetts ELMTREE
Suffragist ___ B. Wells IDA
Tall tale YARN
Tarzan creator ___ Rice Burroughs EDGAR
Togetherness UNISON
Transportation in the Old West STAGE
Try out TEST
Unfortunate things to leave locked in a car KEYS
Vietnamese New Year TET
Western tribe member UTE
With 68-Across, still feeling like a teenager, say ... or a hint to the circled answers YOUNG
Wrestler Flair RIC
Yoga posture ASANA
___ beaver EAGER
___ Friday (main role on 'Dragnet'): Abbr SGT
___ G BIV (mnemonic) ROY
___ system (GPS device) NAV