Irish Times (Crosaire) - Oct 3 2018

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Clues Answers
Blown fuse found in university - how handy is that? USEFUL
Child support can be precious for husband and wife AUPAIR
Curse produced by grandma losing rag DAMN
Dead End opens at The Screen - the first scenes are fundamental to many a courtroom drama DEFENCES
Don't turn a blind eye to what reporter might do TAKENOTE
Footballer wearing a bib DRIBBLER
Frank and Rex not in card index CANDID
Frank isn't finished with informer for losing the head with one of those who has your number OPERATOR
Gets fired by major employer and is employed by the National Rifle Association MACHINEGUN
Grows on top of hemps coming from Hampshire HAIR
Hidden alongside a lake in a pine wood DEAL
Just be patient as I've got Teddy for company BEARWITHME
Look up English Royal in The Guardian KEEPER
Oriental boss has links to La Familia RELATION
Clues Answers
Party follower gets the upper hand DOMINION
Produce again and again what's coming out of the canyon ECHO
Removes all traces of mill from Marseilles ERASES
Rewrote Fear? Hint - it's about that man - the one, to a degree, conscious of the heat perhaps! FAHRENHEIT
Sings medley of hieroglyphics from The Wall, for example SIGNS
Sounds like something the man upstairs would say is not bad advice DOTHERIGHTTHING
Spins music for school practice in the gym SPAR
Squabble with Pole in hostelry study - one of The Bakers is responsible for it BROWNBREAD
Stepmother releases shot in fit of rage TEMPER
Take a quick look in Government for one of the cuts in the hospital sector GLANCE
They're bound to teach others lots of lessons in mountain pass on stage from one point to another COLLEGES
Turn mushrooms in that case for one colourful starter in particular SPECIFIC
Usurp criminal concealing Mafia leader in Donnybrook RUMPUS
Warm review of pieces GUNS