The Chronicle of Higher Education - Sep 7 2018

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Clues Answers
'Citizen Kane' studio RKO
'Groundhog Day' director Harold RAMIS
'Saturday Night Live' alum Cheri OTERI
'Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth' speaker ALI
Agt. busting counterfeiters TMAN
Android alternative IOS
Asteroids maker ATARI
Audrey Hepburn or Princess Diana, to fashionistas ICON
Bender SPREE
Bermuda Triangle loc ATL
Best Picture Oscar nominee that lost to 'The English Patient' SHINE
Bone parallel to the radius ULNA
Brain cell NEURON
Butcher's center-cut offering TENDERLOINSTEAK
Certain westerlies JETSTREAM
Clipped lecturers? PROFS
Coins replaced by euros PESETAS
Commandment verb SHALT
Common catch of the day in Boston SCROD
Cracked open AJAR
Culmination of a free throw, maybe SWISH
Diminutive iPods NANOS
Doesn't strike after all? STETS
Festoons with Charmin, informally TPS
Fission splits them ATOMS
Fizzle (out) PETER
Flap one's gums PRATE
Generic business-letter salutation SIRS
George Orwell's real first name ERIC
Géorgie, e.g ETAT
Gooey sandwich MELT
Greenish-brown eye shade HAZEL
Heart of a hero? DELIMEAT
Hula hoop? LEI
Iacocca or Majors LEE
Lampe de ___ (French flashlight) POCHE
Clues Answers
Like whiteboards DRYERASE
Los Angeles's ___ College of Art and Design OTIS
Minor quarrel SPAT
Nevertheless, informally THO
Nick who starred in 'Teachers' in 1984 NOLTE
Not quite right AMISS
Oblong pasta-sauce ingredient ROMATOMATO
Obtuse THICK
Part of A.D ANNO
Pickup artist's expression, often LEER
Place to 'park' LOVERSLANE
Popular rec centers YMCAS
Progress effortlessly (through) SAIL
Railroad closest to Boardwalk in Monopoly SHORTLINE
Response to a masseur AAH
Russian river to the Gulf of Finland NEVA
Salon treatments, briefly MANIS
Sch. whose three initials have longer abbreviated forms hidden in 20, 37 and 54 Across MIT
Shot in the arm, say DOSE
Sites for fish ladders DAMS
Source of warmth in the winter, perhaps CHRISTMASSPIRIT
Spanakopita cheese FETA
Stir up ROIL
Tea brand formerly owned by Starbucks TAZO
They may be prepared bénédictine OEUFS
Tubular chocolate treat HOHO
Two-masted vessels KETCHES
Valuable rocks ORES
Verbalizes one's delight, in a way OOHS
Waiting in readiness ONICE
Water feeding a lake, say INFLOW
Welsh crossover singer with the album 'Tissues and Issues' CHARLOTTECHURCH
When Rosencrantz and Guildenstern first appear in 'Hamlet' ACTII
Word before primaire or secondaire ECOLE
[Bo-o-oring!] SNORE