The Chronicle of Higher Education - Sep 14 2018

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Clues Answers
'At Last' singer James ETTA
'Cosmicomics' author Calvino ITALO
'Cotton ___ to Harlem' (Chester Himes novel) COMES
'How could I have missed that?!' DOH
'If I might interject ...' AHEM
'Rabbit food' course SALAD
'Strange Magic' band, briefly ELO
'The Imperfectionists' novelist Rachman TOM
'Under his ___' (ominous salutation in 'The Handmaid's Tale') EYE
'You're preaching to the choir!' IKNOW
'___ Lisa' MONA
'___ way, shape or form' INNO
'___ Well That Ends Well' ALLS
Abril follower MAIO
Alternative to bread, lettuce, cabbage or kale MOOLA
Beethoven's Rhine-straddling birthplace BONN
Big name in faucets and fixtures MOEN
Caucus-race proposer in 'Alice in Wonderland' DODO
Chardonnay adjective, often OAKY
Corporate money mgr CFO
Deified polymath of ancient Egypt IMHOTEP
Dole's successor as Senate majority leader LOTT
Dragon of folkies PUFF
Drape decoratively FESTOON
Duel-action blade EPEE
Elevated LOFTY
Environmental sci ECOL
General ___ chicken TSOS
Grows less ardent COOLS
Gymnast Raisman who launched #FlipTheSwitch ALY
Hedy Lamarr, arguably? GEEKGODDESS
Hole in one, usually EAGLE
Honeybunch SNOOKUMS
Hung up on minor academic details PEDANTIC
Id vs. ego, personified? SIGMUNDFEUD
Impertinent type SNOT
Clues Answers
In the vanguard, tech-wise NEXTGEN
Indie-music star ___ Case NEKO
Joins panels, e.g SEWS
Kinda behind LATISH
Kiss before hugs, in a way XOO
Launch legal action SUE
Like Roseanne, vis-à-vis her sitcom reboot AXED
Matriarchal proxy in some families, informally AUNTY
Nautical nightmare TEMPEST
On-the-ropes decision, briefly TKO
Pisa guy? UOMO
Played piano with just an index finger, say PLONKED
Plus-size model with a palindromic name EMME
Pond baby EFT
Price paid for individual rights? FEETOBEYOUANDME
Priestesses of Dionysus MAENADS
Rest-area rack item MAP
Rolls out the green carpet? SODS
Samaritan Woman portrayer in Mahler's Symphony No. 8 ALTO
Seek out GOTO
Sinclair who wrote 'The Jungle' UPTON
Small snicker HEE
Snapchat upload, briefly PIC
Some are false, others fallen IDOLS
Some cocktail garnishes PEELS
Starters ATEAM
String of applicants eclipsed by Mary Poppins NANNIES
Suffer being hustled offstage GETTHEHOOK
Theory that conflict is important to politics AGONISM
Université vacations ETES
Waves in Puerto Vallarta OLAS
World in which bugs serve a vital purpose SPYDOM
Yin and yang, e.g DYAD
___ Arizona USS
___ facto IPSO