USA Today - May 18 2009

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Clues Answers
''Able was ___ . . .'' IERE
''Anna and the King'' country SIAM
''Chocolat'' actress Lena OLIN
''Cone'' or ''Cat'' starter SNO
''Sands of ___ Jima'' IWO
''Sister Act'' extra NUN
8 1/2 x 11 in. size LTR
Any letter from A to G NOTE
Bert Bobbsey's sister NAN
Besides TOO
Bogart's fourth wife BACALL
British ref. work OED
Certain adult ed. class ESL
Chilling ONICE
Closing documents DEEDS
Clowns' shoe widths EEES
Come clean (with ''up'') FESS
Common insurance fraud cause ARSON
Concorde et al. SSTS
Corn unit EAR
Didn't just place WON
Direction at many a corner STOP
Elec. or gas co., e.g. UTIL
Ford alts. GMS
Fruity fountain treat BANANASPLIT
Full of ginger SPRY
Gees' opposites HAWS
Going gray AGING
Hardly an orderly type SLOB
He created the Yellow Brick Road BAUM
Helps with the dishes, in a way DRIES
Imitate a songbird TWEEDLE
In the altogether NAKED
Indian title of respect SRI
It gets down before going to bed? QUILT
It may be on a roll OLEO
It's part of an act SCENE
Light purple LILAC
Clues Answers
Like some candles and soaps SCENTED
Mellow tones PASTELS
Milk-Bone chews DOGBISCUITS
Molded salad ASPIC
Multitude HORDE
Musical chairs objective SEAT
Nirvana or Pearl Jam genre GRUNGE
Oddjob creator IAN
One known for finger-pointing UNCLESAM
One-third of a 1970 war film title TORA
Online help pg. heading FAQ
Over-50 org. AARP
Playground fixture SLIDE
Press conference sights MIKES
Public relations pro SPINDOCTOR
Readied a golf ball for a drive TEED
Revered name in Boston sports ORR
Roberts of ''Everybody Loves Raymond'' DORIS
Role for Silverheels TONTO
Self-appointed superiors SNOBS
Sound at an NBA game SWISH
Storied porridge eaters BEARS
Take ___ a blessing ITAS
Theological branches SECTS
They bend for proposals KNEES
They're exterminated PESTS
Thing to do with one's thumbs TWIDDLE
Triathlete's quality STAMINA
Type of drum or guitar STEEL
Type of pool or wave TIDAL
Wading bird EGRET
Water in Montreal EAU
Whip-tailed fish STINGRAY
Wooden closet organizer COATHANGER
Words with ''ride'' or ''alone'' LETIT
___ League (Middle Eastern group) ARAB
___ we trust INGOD
___, Pinta and Santa Maria NINA