New York Times - Sep 24 2018

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Clues Answers
'Ain't we got ___?' FUN
'Are you?' response IAM
'Awesome!' NEAT
'Stop, I beg you!' NODONT
'Strange Magic' band, in brief ELO
'Who am ___ say?' ITO
'You can stop explaining the joke to us' WEGETIT
'___ Eyes' (Eagles hit) LYIN
Accompanier of a letter inside an env ENC
Actress ___ Flynn Boyle LARA
Alcohol that's transparent GIN
Always bumping one's head on doorways, say TALL
Anger FURY
Applaud CLAP
At an angle ATILT
Aunt or uncle, sometimes GODPARENT
Banded gems ONYXES
Big storage item BIN
Co-host of 34-/36-Across PATSAJAK
Co-host of 34-/36-Across VANNAWHITE
Convertible, in slang RAGTOP
Cookbook amt TSP
Country below Hungary SERBIA
Ditch for cutting timber SAWPIT
Does one's taxes online EFILES
Engine cooler FAN
From Doha, e.g QATARI
Golfer Singh who won the 2000 Masters VIJAY
H.S. proficiency exam GED
Ham and lamb MEATS
Host of 18-Across ALEXTREBEK
Immigrant's class, for short ESL
It gets beaten at a party PINATA
It shakes things up TREMOR
Just one year, for Venus and Serena Williams AGEGAP
Kathmandu native NEPALI
Kwik-E-Mart clerk on 'The Simpsons' APU
Like green, green vegetation LUSH
Like light from a far-off star FAINT
Clues Answers
Long, long time EON
Lose vibrancy, as from exposure to sunlight FADE
Ma'am's counterpart SIR
McEntire with a twang in her voice REBA
Money that may go in a slot COIN
More sagacious WISER
Mother with a foal MARE
Movie for which Tatum O'Neal won an Oscar PAPERMOON
Nickname for Erving in the old N.B.A DRJ
Not many AFEW
Notices ESPIES
One of four on a fork TINE
One of the Three Bears PAPA
One-liner QUIP
Onetime Apple product IBOOK
Pays for everyone TREATS
Perimeter EDGE
Peter, Paul and Mary, e.g TRIO
Popular program usually shown back to back with 34-/36-Across JEOPARDY
Precollege exam that offers college credit APTEST
Purchase at Citgo GAS
Quaint store SHOPPE
Remove, as from a belt UNCLIP
Samsung product GALAXY
Sans ___ (font type) SERIF
See 34-Across FORTUNE
Small plumbing problem DRIP
Smelting refuse SLAG
Some hospital pics MRIS
Speaker's place SOAPBOX
Strong brews ALES
Topeka's home: Abbr KAN
Unattractive fruit UGLI
Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan's ___ Sea ARAL
Vegas hot spot, with 'the' STRIP
With 36-Across, popular program usually shown back to back with 18-Across WHEELOF
Writer ___ Stanley Gardner ERLE
___ Pieces REESES
___-Caps (candy) SNO