L.A. Times Magazine - May 17 2009

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Clues Answers
"Bodily" follower HARM
"Famous" cookie man AMOS
"Let Me Entertain You" musical GYPSY
"Mule Train" singer LAINE
"Rubber Ball" singer VEE
"The End of Faith" author Harris SAM
"Word is ..." IHEARD
"You ___ both" ANDME
79 Down, in San Diego BULL
800 number, e.g. TOLLFREECALL
A Ringling brother OTTO
About 2.2 lbs. KILO
Above, to a bard OER
Ace archer TELL
Actress Dolores DELRIO
Actress Ryan MEG
Airport info, briefly ETA
Anna in "Anna Christie" GRETA
Atty.'s title ESQ
Avg. size MED
Ballpark section STANDS
Bean cover? HELMET
Bern's river AARE
Big name in home security ADT
Big name in skin care products AVEENO
Birth of a notion? GERM
Bit of bickering TIFF
Bit of smoke PUFF
Board game turn SPIN
Buffy's old network UPN
Burning ONFIRE
Bus. card abbr. TEL
Bygone mail abbr. RFD
Carlo Levi's "Christ Stopped at ___" EBOLI
Cartoonist Syd HOFF
Casino owners' org. AGA
Cave dweller BAT
Changed, sci-fi-style MORPHED
City near Buffalo OLEAN
City on the Ruhr ESSEN
Clashers in the studio, maybe EGOS
Copyright relatives: abbr. TMS
Cozy retreats INNS
Doesn't object to AGREESON
Dry gulch ARROYO
Editor's override STET
Enter, in a way STEPINTO
Face on a fiver ABE
Film composer Morricone ENNIO
Flat-faced flyer OWL
Former ringmaster? ALI
Frank holder BUN
Free, in a way ONME
Frozen-waffle brand EGGO
Giants manager before Durocher OTT
Go ___ winner OUTA
Half a laugh HEH
Hit a mixer button BLEND
Hopped on a cable car RODE
Hurry, old-style HIE
Huts and flats ABODES
Indulge oneself on a day off SLEEPTILLNOON
Iranian coin RIAL
It ends in Nov. DST
It makes waves OCEAN
Clues Answers
Its HQ is Lod, Israel ELAL
Judges DEEMS
Keep ___ profile ALOW
Kin of "yikes!" OHME
Lacking purpose AIMLESS
Lacto-___-vegetarian OVO
Language group that includes Zulu BANTU
Last Tudor monarch GOODQUEENBESS
Learning ctr. INST
Letter from Greece? TAU
Little or no effort EASE
Mechanization prefix ROBO
Mongolian desert GOBI
Motion detector SENSOR
Nevertheless EVENSO
Often glossy volume COFFEETABLEBOOK
Old character RUNE
One of the 12 spies of Moses CALEB
Parlor piece SETTEE
Part of an island welcome LEI
Patriotic lapel pin FLAG
PBS benefactor NEA
Perfectly TOAT
Pizzeria need OVEN
Popular salsa brand ORTEGA
Presentable DECENT
Presidential monogram BHO
Pt. of a chain MTN
Purse phone CELL
Put one over on FOOL
Quitting-time shout, on TV YABBADABBADOO
Rather, informally KINDA
Ready-made home PREFAB
Recess for a joint MORTISE
Recipe direction STIR
Recruit's place BOOTCAMP
Rev at high speed RACE
Roman cover-up? TOGA
Sacked out INBED
Santiago charger? TORO
Scout type GIRL
Secret Service chief ___ Sullivan MARKJ
Sentence reducers? EDITORS
Shah Jahan's city DELHI
Smack or switch ending EROO
Small goose BRANT
Soak (up) SOP
Strut one's stuff SASHAY
Super-bright movie set equipment, ___ lights KLIEG
Tabloid target CELEB
Tele-communication? SEANCE
Tenet's former org. CIA
Tests the weight of HEFTS
The Blue Jays, on scoreboards TOR
Tippi's "Marnie" co-star SEAN
Total disaster FIASCO
Tower city BABEL
Triumphant cry YES
Uranus does it ORBIT
Very long time BLUEMOON
Way too weighty OBESE
Windy City hub OHARE
With -phile, a wine lover OENO
With 115 Across, a 1955 comedy ABBOTTANDCOSTELLO
Wreck RUIN
Zap, in a way TASE
Zigzagged downhill SLALOMED
___ Pet CHIA