The Sun - Two Speed - Sep 23 2018

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Clues Answers
Additionally ALSO
Air date changed and spread out RADIATE
Ancient Scots county FIFE
Aquatic mammal SEAL
Busy planning to marry ENGAGED
Catch small badger SNAG
Cheat or swindle DEFRAUD
Chinese, eg ASIAN
Clear-headed SOBER
Coded message in one page held by singer CIPHER
Communication DISPATCH
Corn spike EAR
Depend HINGE
Detested daughter seen strangling son DESPISED
Discovering minister at old film studios REVEALING
Enormous LARGE
Equation FORMULA
Fish in tin that's rattled SHAKEN
Fruit a must when suffering rejection SATSUMA
Get into gear? DRESS
Glare becoming considerable LARGE
Hitch SNAG
In chemical solution as well ALSO
Investment STAKE
Like Scotsman? Like most people! ASIAN
Clues Answers
Ma with flour creates recipe FORMULA
Occupied ENGAGED
One directly responsible for health cuts? SCALPEL
One gets aloft in ship, after wind AIRLINER
Painstaking boss promises to pay STUDIOUS
Passenger plane AIRLINER
Religious DEVOUT
Scholarly STUDIOUS
Second opinion that kills vampires? STAKE
Secret system CIPHER
Serious one crying half-heartedly SOBER
Shine or gleam RADIATE
Ship in channel around spring DISPATCH
Ships blue after redesign issues PUBLISHES
Shocked SHAKEN
Small flute provided in further education FIFE
Small orange SATSUMA
Stopped sad EEC regenerating CEASED
Surgical knife SCALPEL
The Listener? EAR
Turkey sandwiches poor fare for do DEFRAUD
Turning point? HINGE
Uranium on Royal Navy vessel URN
US commando in false alarm SEAL
Vet duo ridiculously pious DEVOUT