New York Times - Sep 20 2018

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Clues Answers
'Ciao!' TATA
'Jay Leno's Garage' channel CNBC
'Let's do this thing!' IMIN
'___, 'tis true ...' (start of a Shakespearean sonnet) ALAS
'___: Ragnarok' (2017 film) THOR
1950s title lyric after 'When we are dancing and you're dangerously near me ...' IGETIDEAS
African menace MAMBA
Alter ego for Lex Luthor ATOMMAN
Associate in finance, say COAGENT
Badger or hound NAG
Barnyard male TOM
Blue-green? SEASICK
Brand at a garage STP
Brightly colored perennial BEGONIA
Catches NABS
Completely fall apart GOTORUIN
Contributor to a locker room odor GYMSOCK
Corresponding need? EMAILACCOUNT
Drives in a field HERDS
Fantasy creature spawned from mud ORC
Fashionably high-class TONY
First fill-in on many a form LINEA
For all ___ AGES
Gross figure SLOB
Group that bows onstage GSECTION
Hackneyed STALE
Half a laugh HEE
Hosp. procedure with a readout ECG
Improved the situation MADEITBETTER
In a frenzy AMUCK
In the cellar LAST
In-state attendees of Drake University, e.g IOWANS
Jet (off) DASH
Clues Answers
Longtime parent of Parlophone EMI
Makeup of some sci-fi beams IONS
Nightclub hiree BOUNCER
One from the Land of Cakes SCOT
Only 5-point tile in Scrabble KAY
Opening between the vocal cords GLOTTIS
Outing at which participants go hog-wild? BOARHUNT
Part of a Disneyland postal address ANAHEIMCA
Part of an office building address: Abbr STE
Place securely ENSCONCE
Prickly plant parts BURS
Rodenticide RATPOISON
Run out, as a well GODRY
Series finale? ETC
Series of exchanges in a chat window MESSAGET
Six-time M.L.B. All-Star Rusty STAUB
Some dip, informally GUAC
Something it's bad to pull GROIN
Stomach ACCEPT
Summer hrs. for 28-Down CDT
The rainbow personified IRIS
They're connected to arteries SIDEROADS
Tiny amount of time: Abbr NSEC
Tour division GIG
Trophy CUP
Venue near Penn Station, for short MSG
Wine vessel TUN
Without intermission INONEACT
Worshiper of the sun god Inti INCA
Woven into INTERL
You'll never get to the bottom of this ABYSS
___ soda SAL
___ Speedwagon REO