The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1182

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Clues Answers
Calls sailor over after first article's dropped NAMES
Church aisle reshaped without a woodworking tool CHISEL
City to remain in receipt of second great joy ECSTASY
COs play recklessly with weapon in war film apocalypse now
Customary behaviour in the American era? USAGE
Famous archer, familiarly, after period in prison? We'll see time will tell
Generous representation of Braille LIBERAL
Happy solver taken aback, beset by black insect BUOYANT
I had to follow many round, showing little emotion STOLID
Left during closing parts of latest contemporary score TWENTY
One suffering pretentious visiting mister! MARTYR
Operated trial venue — no time for spite RANCOUR
Clues Answers
Part of marshalling yard, Southern, is to suppress noise - good SIDINGS
Regret about daughter showing bad manners RUDE
Respond to provocation online, as it were? rise to the bait
Rustic, say, rambling, gathering attention round HAYSEED
Scoundrel going to pub and cobblers heel bar
Second taxi delivering strike-breaker SCAB
Sharp and tart? That's about right ACRID
Sudden realisation: holiday finished BREAKTHROUGH
Takes care of alien way of thinking MINDSET
Those people having little energy for the topic THEME
Type of computer peripheral lines available in 2000 MODEM
Very motivated to list first pair of comets can-do