New York Times - Sep 13 2018

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Clues Answers
'Dancing With the Stars' co-host Andrews ERIN
'Fire away!' ASK
'Hurrah!' OLE
'Please keep it down' EXUDE
'That feels so-o-o good!' AHH
'Um, don't look now, but ...' AHEM
'___ of Dogs' (2018 animated movie) ISLE
70, in old Rome ESC
Actor Mark HARMON
Beach house? SHELL
Bears: Lat URSI
Become less crowded THINOUT
Bon ___ VOYAGE
Carafe size INBOX
Cash cache, for short ATM
Colorful food fish RAINBOWTROUT
Costumes GETUPS
Fairylike FEY
Features of tapirs SNOUTS
Fermented milk drink KEFIR
Finding fault with CARPINGABO
French 101 verb ETRE
Gang weapon SHIV
German direction OST
Give the silent treatment? MIME
Go back LOO
Go over anew REHASH
Headwaiter MAITRED
Interrogate QUIZ
IV units CCS
Jargons ARGOTS
John of Cambridge LXX
Key for exiting full-screen mode LITER
Leave flabbergasted AMAZE
Made a false move? DEKED
Mars candy TWIX
Middle of a puzzle? ZEES
Clues Answers
One in a blue-and-yellow uniform CUBSCOUT
One way to stare INTENTLY
Org. concerned with good breeding AKC
Oscar-winning Cliff Robertson title role CHARLY
Partners of haws HEES
Place to get one's kicks? DOJO
Pre-snap signal HUT
Prone to blushing, say SHY
Put into service USE
Question to a returning pest YOUAGAIN
Radiate OUTBOX
Roman rebuke ETTU
Sepulcher TOMB
Skirt features FLARES
Some R.S.V.P.s NOS
Somewhat stocky STOUTISH
Speeds (along) ZIPS
Sportscaster Dick ENBERG
Start of some hybrid music styles AFRO
Still YET
Stops partway through ABORTS
Successor of Carson LENO
Tatooine has two of them SUNS
The end of mathematics? QED
They can be taxed like partnerships, for short LLCS
Three barleycorns, as defined by Edward II ONEINCH
Tick off IRK
Trader ___ JOES
Univ. department PSY
Vietnamese new year TET
Western native UTE
What you might do with gas or a fist PUMP
Where work piles up ... with a hint to this puzzle's theme SHH
Wide divide GULF
Will, if one can MEANSTO
Word with sauce or milk SOY
___ sabe KEMO