USA Today - Oct 29 2018

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Clues Answers
'Despite that . . .' YET
'Goes for me, too' SAMEHERE
'Hot dog!' OHBOY
'My Cousin Vinny' star JOEPESCI
'No way!' CANTBE
'Red' or 'blue' election area STATE
'Space Oddity' singer David BOWIE
'TTYL' or 'OMG,' e.g TEXT
2-Down detector NOSE
Ad ___ (wing it) LIB
Apply with a tissue, say DAB
Atlas page feature INSET
Basis for charitable donations NEED
Blade with a button tip EPEE
Bops on the bean CONKS
Cafeteria offerings for new hires? TRAINEEFARE
Chat room monitors, briefly MODS
Chili holder POT
Closely related AKIN
Craving, slangily JONES
Deal with adversity COPE
Deli pancake LATKE
Demonic deeds EVILS
Do road gigs TOUR
Doesn't go on forever ENDS
Dog collar danglers TAGS
Dwelling with a door flap TEPEE
Fewest possible LEAST
Flat-pack furniture chain IKEA
Gangland group MAFIA
Grandstand denizens FANS
Grub, to a beetle LARVA
In plain view OVERT
Jumps at, as an opportunity SEIZESON
King's Scholars school ETON
Knock-knock joke pronoun WHO
Latvia's capital RIGA
Leap into a river of song? SWANEEDIVE
Like apple-colored cheeks ROSY
Clues Answers
Like pills, but not injections ORAL
Magnetic element COBALT
Mattress supporter SLAT
Memory glitch LAPSE
Metal marbles STEELIES
Most scantily dressed BAREST
Movie-downloading device, briefly DVR
Much more than minimally ALOT
Native Nebraskan notables? PAWNEESTARS
Ontario border lake ERIE
Part of a kitchen range OVEN
Pirogue, e.g CANOE
Place where some beards are grown? GOATEEFARM
Prado display ART
Privileged ones ELITES
Raise the hackles of RILE
Reached for one's toes BENT
Result of a three-putt, often BOGEY
Rockies ski resort VAIL
Roof's top point APEX
Sassy talk LIP
Secured with stitches SEWN
Shoots with a Super Soaker WETS
Sign of spoiled milk ODOR
Simpleton's lack SENSE
Skin softener ingredient ALOE
Smoke shop buy PIPE
Social workers' assignments CASES
Stadium seating level TIER
States boldly AVOWS
Summon to court CITE
Target of a brat's kick SHIN
Tourist city on the Arno PISA
Turn to liquid THAW
Visible part of a sheathed sword HILT
W.C. Fields persona SOUSE
Waiting for an assignment IDLE
What treaters pick up TABS