USA Today - May 13 2009

Clues Answers
1983 Streisand title role YENTL
Aesop tale FABLE
Bambi's aunt ENA
Baste Boone? BUTTERPAT
Birch-bark craft CANOE
Bleeped out CENSORED
Bloodhound's asset NOSE
Blueprints, briefly SPECS
Bridal-path terminus ALTAR
Canine complaints YELPS
Capone henchman Frank NITTI
Chaney of horror films LON
Cobb or Caesar SALAD
Cocktail-party bowlful DIP
Commonplace USUAL
Dabbling duck TEAL
Don't let Harmon play? BENCHMARK
Easy as ___ PIE
Envelope's contents LETTER
Fast gait GALLOP
Felt sore ACHED
Flowering INBLOOM
Frighten SCARE
From ___ Z ATO
Gaucho's lasso REATA
Geologic periods EONS
Give Murray a ring? PHONEBILL
Go for the gold, e.g. COMPETE
Hard, pungent Italian cheese ASIAGO
High-speed Internet letters DSL
Ices, as a cake FROSTS
Imperfections FLAWS
It'll open doors for you KNOB
It's the best policy HONESTY
Last words of Rhett's exit line ADAMN
Let Smith out of a contract? FREEWILL
Letter-shaped opening TSLOT
Clues Answers
Like bodybuilders' bodies SINEWED
Lucy's landlady ETHEL
Make a contribution DONATE
Meadowland LEA
Mushroom, e.g. FUNGUS
NFL Hall-of-Famer Graham OTTO
Nickname for Streisand BABS
Not on time LATE
Nullifies NEGATES
Obvious sign of sadness LONGFACE
Opposite of ruddy WAN
Orange ___ tea PEKOE
Overcharge GOUGE
Postgame summary RECAP
Prefix with ''centric'' ETHNO
Prick Romano? STINGRAY
Roxy Music co-founder Brian ENO
Sagal of ''Married with Children'' KATEY
Southeast Asian capital HANOI
Sporty car roofs TTOPS
St. Patrick's land EIRE
Stag or doe DEER
Steno's need PAD
Tevye portrayer of film TOPOL
The Green Hornet's sidekick KATO
Third rock from the sun EARTH
Try to strike HITAT
Unappreciative sort INGRATE
Use a loofah on Dylan? SPONGEBOB
Well-suited APT
White-wine aperitif KIR
Works hard TOILS
Yale students ELIS
___ Na Na SHA
___-bitty ITTY