- Sep 10 2018

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Clues Answers
''Green Eggs and Ham'' author DRSEUSS
''It's my turn!'' IMNEXT
''That makes sense'' ISEE
''This can't be good'' OHNO
Adds up to TOTALS
Allow LET
Attention-grabbing words on the cover PAGEONEHEADLINE
Barely sufficient SCANT
Bird like a chicken or turkey FOWL
Bird's tree home NEST
Black-and-white cookies OREOS
Boringly familiar BANAL
Bring to one's door, as mail DELIVER
Capital of Norway OSLO
Clenched hand FIST
Coffee lightener CREAM
Cooing bird DOVE
Corporals, for example: Abbr NCOS
Cry of relief WHEW
Cubicle furniture DESK
Data, for short INFO
Difficult journey TREK
Earth-breaking garden tools HOES
Entryway DOOR
Evaluated RATED
Find the answer to SOLVE
Foldable beds COTS
Forget-me-__ NOT
Frames on eyeglasses RIMS
Full collections SETS
Get ready, for short PREP
Grains in Cheerios OATS
Historical periods ERAS
Initial poker payment ANTE
Joined together UNITED
Kitten's sound MEW
Light fog MIST
Clues Answers
Little fellow LAD
Matures AGES
Molecule parts ATOMS
Movie rentals DVDS
New person on the payroll HIREE
Noteworthy deed FEAT
One of the Great Lakes ERIE
Open, as a winter coat UNZIP
Payments to landlords RENTS
Person's strong point FORTE
Place to park a car LOT
Prediction about clouds and sun WEATHERFORECAST
Presidential rejection VETO
Pro hoopsters' org NBA
Promise confidently ASSURE
Reach across, as a bridge SPAN
Recoil from pain WINCE
Reheats in a microwave ZAPS
Rescue SAVE
Rewarded a waiter TIPPED
Rock that's mined ORE
Self-esteem EGO
Shaped like a rainbow ARCED
Shoe's sparkle SHINE
Stockpiles greedily HOARDS
Suffix for auction EER
Takes to court SUES
Tavern seat STOOL
Teheran's nation IRAN
Three-stripe soldier, informally SARGE
Too trusting NAIVE
Turn abruptly SWERVE
Two-year-old TOT
Untruthful one LIAR
Venetian-blind strip SLAT
War horse STEED
Writing tablet PAD
You're reading it now CROSSWORDPUZZLE
__ Canaveral, FL CAPE