New York Times - Sep 5 2018

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Clues Answers
'... man ___ machine?' ORA
'CSI' actress Elisabeth SHUE
'Exodus' hero ARI
'Get a room' elicitor, for short PDA
'Hmm, leave this to me' IVEGOTAPLAN
'Super' gaming console NES
'Terrible' czar IVAN
'Twilight' werewolf JACOB
'Understand?' SEE
'Whatever You Like' rapper + Gets some color at the beach TITANS
Abbr. on an envelope ATTN
Actor Lundgren + Elected officials DOLPHINS
Arabian land near the Strait of Hormuz OMAN
Ave. crossers STS
Beliefs TENETS
Bonus in baseball TENTHINNING
Book after Judges RUTH
Bottle marked 'XXX,' maybe ALE
Bottom rows on spreadsheets TOTALS
Bread often served with curry NAAN
Butter square + Hilarious people PATRIOTS
Classic schoolkid's alibi THEDOGATEIT
Comic book legend Lee STAN
Concerning both the moon and sun's motions LUNISOLAR
Cosmopolitan URBANE
Course list abbr TBA
Course overseer, for short PGA
Do ___ Call Registry NOT
Drill sergeant's command ATEASE
Expels, as lava SPEWS
Final, in a math series NTH
Finish END
Frat dude + Cpls. and sgts BRONCOS
Freeze over, as a windshield ICEUP
Garfield's frenemy ODIE
Gives a boost GOOSES
Goal for six answers in this puzzle? TEAMBUILDING
Hans Christian Andersen, by nationality DANE
Hindu dresses SARIS
Clues Answers
Inner things that may be suppressed DEMONS
Internet link? DSLMODEM
It runs down the middle of the Pacific DATELINE
Jordan Peele's directorial debut GETOUT
Kith's partner KIN
Led down the aisle USHERED
Like a tightrope, more so than a slackline TAUT
Like Mandarin TONAL
London's Big ___ + Ladies BENGALS
Malek of 'Mr. Robot' RAMI
Massive lang. reference OED
Mythical bird in the 'Arabian Nights' ROC
Obsession of el rey Midas ORO
Operating system in the Linux family UBUNTU
Pairs TWOS
Particle with a negative charge ANION
Popular corn chip DORITO
Possible reply to 'Don't forget!' IWONT
Projects, with 'out' JUTS
Queens stadium name ASHE
Reign RULE
Scot's refusal NAE
Sentimentality BATHOS
Show filmed weekly in N.Y.C SNL
Snake eyes ONES
Snug rug inhabitant BUG
Soak SOP
Something often inflated and rarely appreciated EGO
Stanley Cup matchup, e.g NHLGAME
Sugar sources from a farm BEETS
Take a stand by not standing KNEEL
Tolkien tree being ENT
U.S. soldier + Little scurriers GIANTS
Western Hemisphere grp OAS
Wild cat OCELOT
Willem of 'Spider-Man' DAFOE
___ Vegas LAS