- Sep 4 2018

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Clues Answers
''Beauty __ the eye . . .'' ISIN
''Make way for me!'' IMCOMINGTHROUGH
''Not only that . . .'' ALSO
''This doesn't look good'' UHOH
''Well, golly!'' OHGEE
Apt. house, for example BLDG
Arm of the sea INLET
Backyard storage building SHED
Banish EXILE
Biceps locale ARM
Boxing contest FIGHT
Cause to chuckle AMUSE
Challenge to a bully YOURENOTSOTOUGH
Chimed RANG
Cleared a blackboard ERASED
Cleveland's state OHIO
Comedian's between-joke phrase SERIOUSLYTHOUGH
Completely destroy RUIN
Concealed HID
Container for valuables STRONGBOX
Convent dweller NUN
Cry after a close call WHEW
Deck's 52 CARDS
Desert caravan stop OASIS
Did some weeding HOED
Donate GIVE
Earned after taxes NETTED
Energizes, with ''up'' PEPS
February 14 sentiment LOVE
Finance degs MBAS
Flying military grp USAF
Forehead BROW
Gang's territory TURF
Get __ the ground floor INON
Goals of projects AIMS
Greatly impressed INAWE
Hollywood headliner STAR
HS diploma substitute GED
Illuminated LITUP
Clues Answers
Lazy person IDLER
Male singing voice TENOR
Motel swimming spots POOLS
Mountain chain RANGE
Multi-room hotel accommodation SUITE
Nimble AGILE
Paper fragment SCRAP
Person from Bangkok THAI
Pigpen STY
Planet WORLD
Prefix meaning ''against'' ANTI
Reduce to tatters SHRED
Requires NEEDS
Ride a board on a wave SURF
School vehicle BUS
Sci-fi beam LASER
Short snooze NAP
Slangy greeting HIYA
Slightest bit IOTA
Source of ancient fables AESOP
Stare at OGLE
Sticky cellophane strip TAPE
Successful song or film HIT
Swirling current EDDY
Take a break REST
Take to court SUE
Theater greeters USHERS
Tightly stretched TAUT
Tip of an ear LOBE
Unclothed NUDE
Uncollectible debts, to accountants WRITEOFFS
Unused NEW
Urban drainage system SEWER
Van rental brand UHAUL
Washington's bill ONE
Wear away ERODE
Well-protected SECURE
Zodiac lion LEO
__ day now (soon) ANY