Canadiana - Sep 3 2018

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Clues Answers
A female deer DOE
Adored LOVED
Arm bones ULNAS
Astringent ACERB
Brewery vessel VAT
Broth with a beet base BORSCHT
Cat call MEOW
Caustic substance LYE
Collection SET
Concealed HID
Cotton or linen fibres LINT
Cravings YENS
CTV's ____Matheson DAN
Decay ROT
Diffident SHY
Energy unit ERG
Engage, as an employee HIRE
Falsehoods LIES
Field crop RYE
Frappe ICE
Hawaiian garland LEI
Heaps SLEW
Hen house COOP
Hill dweller ? ANT
Hydrocarbon fuel COAL
In disarray ASKEW
Indian city GOA
Itin. item ARR
Land measure ACRE
Large, abbreviated LGE
Lion, zodiacally LEO
Mash mainstay, Alan ____ ALDA
Clues Answers
Mineral bearing rock ORE
Montreal's Bronfman or Pollock SAM
Movie genre WESTERN
Ms Sandpiper REE
Nibble BITE
Of sound mind SANE
Pitcher EWER
Pittsburgh puckster PENGUIN
Riders Lancaster or Leafs Wilson RON
Satisfy SATE
Scandinavian sky god TYR
Sea eagle ERNE
Sphere ORB
Supplement ADD
Supplicates PRAYS
Takes a break RESTS
Tamarack, for one TREE
Tel _____ ( Israel's second largest city AVIV
The ____ and the useless OLD
Theodore, familiarly TED
Travel abroad TOUR
Turf SOD
Unwell SICK
Whitney, for one ELI
Wildlife novelist Ernest Thompson ___ SETON
____ and bothered HOT
____ and mean LEAN
____ and out DOWN
____ and quartered HUNG
_____ and found wanting TRIED
_____ and foolish YOUNG
_____ magnon CRO