USA Today - Oct 22 2018

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Clues Answers
'Dancing Queen' vocal group ABBA
'Gladiator' wardrobe item TOGA
'Green' tote ECOBAG
'Just ___ suspected!' ASI
'That's disgusting!' UGH
'Uh-huh!' YEAH
'Unmitigated' nerve GALL
'Vette automaker CHEVY
Aquafina competitor DASANI
Article on a passing OBIT
Ashe Stadium barrier NET
Astronomer Hubble EDWIN
Ballplayer with a multimillion-dollar first contract BONUSBABY
Bill-killing voters ANTIS
Blunder in print TYPO
Bouncy melody LILT
Campbell on a catwalk NAOMI
Candied vegetable YAM
Card game with a Batman version UNO
Cause of respiratory woes SMOG
Channel selector, once DIAL
Closely related AKIN
David Bowie's genre GLAM
Desert of Mongolia GOBI
Deuce topper TREY
Diva's big moment ARIA
Do a makeover on REVAMP
Eastern 'way' TAO
Exceeds one's Rx ODS
Executive's assistant AIDE
Flooring pro TILER
Fly-catching amphibian TOAD
Foraging for discarded food DUMPSTERDIVING
Forgetful friend of 46-Down DORY
France's second-busiest airport ORLY
Inevitable ruin DOOM
Jessica of 'Sin City' ALBA
Clues Answers
Land bordering Turkmenistan IRAN
Launch a rebellion REVOLT
Lex Luthor, to Superman NEMESIS
Like 68-Across music REEDY
Like early rap music OLDSCHOOL
Like soy sauce SALTY
Many a Beethoven work SONATA
Marcel Duchamp's art genre DADA
Mazda two-seater MIATA
Nearer to maturity RIPER
Neither up nor down TIED
Nine-day Catholic ritual NOVENA
Not at all ambiguous CLEAR
Numbers on wine labels YEARS
Offerer on eBay SELLER
Opens with a box cutter SLITS
Pecan's shape OVAL
Period after Shrove Tuesday LENT
Pixar clownfish NEMO
Playing for a sap USING
Reaction to a 'dad joke' GROAN
Reply to 'Marco!' POLO
Sara ___ cakes LEE
Saw off, say SEVER
Self-indulgent getaways SPAS
Slapstick bit ANTIC
Still in contention ALIVE
Tap into, as a resource DRAWON
TJ Maxx department MENS
Totally pointless INANE
Trance-ending sound SNAP
Uncontrollable spasm TIC
Warden's workplace, slangily POKEY
Well-versed in UPON
White or Blue river NILE
Woodwind with a narrow bore OBOE
Word before ribs or room SPARE
YMCA amenity POOL
___ Zedong MAO