New York Times - Aug 25 2018

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Clues Answers
'Abso-freakin'-lutely!' OHHELLYES
'Hurry!' ASAP
'Ooh-la-la!' ILIKE
'Told you!' ICALLEDIT
'Who ___?' ISNT
'Yo mama' joke, e.g DIS
Acts all-powerful PLAYSGOD
Air traveler? RADIOWAVE
Artifacts, to archaeologists FINDS
Auto dial TACH
Basic skateboarding trick OLLIE
Behind TUSH
Big name in cookware TFAL
Bugs Bunny's girlfriend LOLA
Certain bank deposit SPERM
Classic musical with the song 'A Hymn to Him' MYFAIRLADY
Coiner of the words 'chortle' and 'frabjous' CARROLL
Common classroom adornment WALLMAP
Contents of a playground box SANDPILE
Department store section KIDS
Detective in 'The French Connection' DOYLE
Equatorial Guinea joined it in 2017 OPEC
Equivalent of a megagram TONNE
Exiled ruler of 1979 AMIN
First chairman of the E.E.O.C., familiarly FDRJR
First, second and third place INFIELD
Freak out ALARM
Good name for a landscaper? IVIE
Group in feminist writing WOMYN
Historic town in Berkshire ETON
Home of Vegas's World Series of Poker THERIO
Clues Answers
Ideal, in teenspeak PERF
In a way OFSORTS
Lamb, by another name ELIA
Lay the groundwork? SOD
Maritime graphic SEACHART
Material in translation RNA
Mental health org APA
Modern connection inits USB
Mountain home AERIE
One running for the Senate? PAGE
Polite rejection NOSIR
Pop group with the 1993 #2 hit 'All That She Wants' ACEOFBASE
Primitive attire LOINCLOTH
Program-closing command on a PC ENDNOW
Renowned pirate captain during the Golden Age of Piracy NEDLOW
Scissors SNIPS
Some chats, briefly IMS
Supercelebrity ICON
Sweet-and-spicy sports bar snack BBQWINGS
Talk, talk, talk YAKETYYAK
Tex-Mex morsel PINTOBEAN
The '1' in 1-9 WIN
Theme of Cirque du Soleil's 'O,' appropriately EAU
This blows! TNT
Tough crowd? GOONSQUAD
Turquoise or aquamarine JEWEL
Whence the line 'Beauty, terrible beauty! A deathless goddess - so she strikes our eyes!' ILIAD
Where victims of arrests are taken, for short ERS
Yoko Ono, artistically, in the 1960s NEODADAIST
___ business RISKY
___-Poo, son of the Mikado NANKI
___-Willets Point (subway station in Queens, N.Y.) METS