Ink Well xwords - May 8 2009

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Clues Answers
'I kissed thee ___ I killed thee': Shakespeare ERE
'Stat!' ASAP
'We need ___' (register note) ONES
'___ Pat' (old 'SNL' skit) ITS
A toddler might throw one TANTRUM
Acid type that can cause gout URIC
Ancient France GAUL
Bar food? OYSTER
Be cheap SKIMP
Beach poseurs HODADS
Big name in ice cream EDY
Bring out ELICIT
Brothers and sisters, e.g. KIN
Browse, in creaky internet slang SURF
Camping cover TENT
Certain edifício CASA
Coda, slangily OUTRO
Film genre often shot in high contrast NOIR
Fish hawk OSPREY
Flashing annoyance POPUPAD
Gaucho's weapon BOLA
Gruyère, framed? INCAMERACHEESE
Halibut prepared by being shot through a net? SWISHEDFISH
Ham it up EMOTE
Head cavity SINUS
Howard Cunningham, to Fonzie MRC
I.M. with family members in China? PEI
Inner view, for short MRI
Intestine-related ILEAL
It blows; I just got scolded for using portable electronic devices and they're out of peanuts AIRTRAVEL
It'll get you in the door KEY
Japanese animation style MANGA
K thru 12 ELHI
Knack for design EYE
Left-leaning talk show host Rhodes RANDI
Like pretty much everything in Graceland TACKY
Lockheed spy plane UTWO
Clues Answers
Loge occupant VIP
Make an admission FESSUP
Maritime beverage GROG
Medicinal household plant ALOE
Moses' mount SINAI
Nation with eleven time zones RUSSIA
Neutral, e.g. GEAR
Newman, to Jerry Seinfeld NEMESIS
Oft-misinterpreted Nietzsche quote GODISDEAD
On-the-go Sony devices, for short PSPS
One of an Iraqi religious majority SHIITE
Pepperidge Farm option MILANO
Plasm starter ECTO
Poe poem LENORE
Prepare uneaten kalamatas for the next frat party? REKEGOLIVES
Program PLAN
Rainproof one's pastries? SHINGLEMUFFINS
Response to dropping donuts and so forth DOH
Rooms with plush furniture, perhaps DENS
Routine RUT
San ___, Italy REMO
School of thought ISM
Scurry DASH
Shatner's '___War' TEK
Small change CENT
Sommelier's prefix OENO
Soviet or Weimar follower ERA
Staffed MANNED
Super Dave of stunts OSBORNE
Sushi creatures EELS
Sweeney Todd portrayer DEPP
Top-shelf ALEVEL
Tough guy's rhetorical question THATSO
TV puppet who hosted a very short-lived talk show ALF
Waking moments? AMS
Whitestrips maker CREST
___-mo SLO