The Chronicle of Higher Education - Aug 3 2018

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Clues Answers
'Back off ... I'm the one they'll cast!' ITSMYPART
'Case of the Ex' R&B chanteuse MYA
'Cloud ___' (David Mitchell novel) ATLAS
'Negatory!' UHUH
'The Lady's Got Potential' musical EVITA
'The ___ that men do lives after them': 'Julius Caesar' EVIL
Actor Miller of 2017's 'Justice League' EZRA
Adjust, as at the concertmaster's bidding TUNE
Aging brain, facetiously SIEVE
Alamo compact? LEASE
Ancient holy scroller? ESSENE
Apt rhyme with 'O'Hara' TARA
Artsy maverick, informally BOHO
Avail oneself of USE
Bardic off-Broadway role for David Oyelowo OTHELLO
Become unfocused BLUR
Bonbon made for Marie Antoinette? VERSAILLESTREAT
Breeding horse that could still race? QUICKSTUD
Catch the eye, as a neon color POP
Clarinet or bassoon REED
Couldn't get enough of ATEUP
Currency honoring Curie and Chopin ZLOTY
Damage beyond repair RUIN
Dawdling SLOW
December observance with candle-lighting KWANZAA
Dollar bills, in slang ACES
Endures LASTS
Events with pits and spits, briefly BBQS
Felled with an ax HEWED
Festive GALA
Focused, in a way AGAZE
Gelatin alternative in many Asian desserts AGARAGAR
Harbinger OMEN
His, in Le Havre ALUI
Icelandic lore's Huldufólk, e.g ELVES
Iridescent mosaic element NACRE
It's lighter than most clubs BLT
Keister SEAT
King Ethelred, who pooh-poohed books? THEUNREAD
Clues Answers
Kodak Brownie model of the 1960s STARMITE
Like many porridges OATEN
Made continual demands on, say RODE
New blonde, say DYER
One in EPA enforcement? CARBONCOP
P on fraternity row RHO
Pan antithesis RAVE
Parcel drop-off points, for short POS
Pieces of your heart? ATRIA
Promoted heavily HYPED
Put in a minimum stake ANTED
Quaint cake-recipe word OLEO
Reach over SPAN
Rip off SCAM
Ripped TORE
Risqué BLUE
River braved by Orpheus STYX
Sass LIP
Seminole War major in Florida toponyms DADE
Shot from an air gun BBS
Shrewd CANNY
Sign of spring SPRIG
Singing Lehmann or Lenya LOTTE
Sonic the Hedgehog creator SEGA
Symptom of some bites ITCH
Tempo PACE
Ten sawbucks CNOTE
Tennessee was the final member of a group to do this SECEDE
Tough tissue SINEW
Traditional tartar-sauce nugget CAPER
Trailside shelter LEANTO
Trial of lots of free apps? ADS
Verbal stumbles UMS
Welcome display after emerging from a dead zone BARS
What's 'draggin'' in Miranda Lambert's 'Little Red Wagon' AXLE
Where sub assembly happens DELI
Word before or after mother EARTH
Wrote an online 56 Down, maybe YELPED
___ mania (botanical phenomenon of the Dutch Golden Age) TULIP