New York Times - Apr 29 2009

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Clues Answers
'... and that's final!' PERIOD
'Fighting' athletes ILLINI
'Kinsey' star, 2004 NEESON
'The Good Earth' heroine OLAN
'The Way of Perfection' writer STTERESA
*End of a 38-Across FIVE
*It may precede a stroke FORE
*Locale in a western FORT
*Made tracks TORE
*Musical quality TONE
*Put into piles SORT
*Small part of a spork TINE
*Start of a 38-Across NINE
*Teed off SORE
At minimum NOLESS
Camp Swampy dog OTTO
Canal site, maybe ISTHMUS
Change components, often ONES
Cockpit announcements, briefly ETAS
Cord unit LOG
Crossword maker or editor, at times CLUER
Dag Hammarskjöld, for one SWEDE
Dirección sailed by Columbus OESTE
Doo-___ WOP
Early MP3-sharing Web site NAPSTER
Full of energy SPIRITED
Goes with SEES
Good name for an investment adviser? IRA
Hint to the word ladder in the answers to the starred clues STANDARDWORKDAY
Holly ILEX
How baseball games rarely end INATIE
In profusion GALORE
Kind of land NOMANS
Lacking VOIDOF
Last in a series NTH
Like some men's hair PARTED
Many Christmas ornaments ORBS
Clues Answers
Medical research org. NIH
Millstone ONUS
Muff one ERR
Nasdaq buy: Abbr. STK
On Soc. Sec., say RETD
Orgs. with 'Inc.' in their names COS
Orkin victim PEST
Part of an act, perhaps SCENEV
Permanently attached, in zoology SESSILE
Prayer wheel user LAMA
Pseudo-cultured ARTY
Quick drive SPIN
Range setting BROIL
Rat Pack nickname DINO
Recyclable item EMPTY
Showing irritation PEEVISH
Shows scorn SCOFFS
Simple sugar HEXOSE
So last year PASSE
Solomon's asset WISDOM
Some cameras, for short SLRS
Stockpile LOADUP
Strength SINEW
Strike down SMITE
Survivalist's stockpile AMMO
Sweet, in Italy DOLCE
Symbol of courage LION
Theater for niche audiences ARTHOUSE
Toxic pollutant, for short PCB
Trap, in a way TREE
Tried out at an Air Force base TESTFLEW
Up-to-date LATEST
Winter exclamation BRRR
Word after red or dead EYE
Wynn and Harris EDS
___ about ONOR