Irish Times (Crosaire) - Jul 26 2018

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Clues Answers
A pest working with bands TAPES
A police department is ahead of that shower that's a danger to the environment ACIDRAIN
Awful moan about head gardener and endless tropical fruits MANGOS
Car for travelling Haiti - an old French colony TAHITI
Check for prints and blood first on one of those likely to take flight to arid region DUSTBOWL
Chopped cedars in America sold in lots in New York USEDCARS
Common-or-garden college and seedy hostel designed for those concealing identity PLAINCLOTHES
Cuts corners to quickly read front page and sports on the back SKIMPS
Deception? No need to discuss it! TOPIC
Diet perhaps for Olympic athlete with a lot on his shoulders WEIGHTLIFTER
Do you need this to reach Irish Water to locate department on a great site? WELLSITUATED
Goes without saying, open up sod another way UNOPPOSED
Grounds for English to say it ESTATE
Hesitant agreement, I dare say, from school means nothing SUPPOSESO
Clues Answers
In a manner of speaking, pretentious type of young man from mythical Greek mountain LADIDA
In autumn, get final score for tenor with musicians OCTET
In my opinion, other spies can't get their heads around my view ASISEEIT
Jay's lodge by Swift's home (4'1,4) BIRDSNEST
La Paz modelled on Spanish square PLAZA
Money orders passed over the counter in public houses DRAFTS
Old suite designed for retirement SOLITUDE
Report jerk in boat clubs STICKS
Reviews Latvia's coverage of Split in spring SPIRAL
Ring party for the sales team in the wrong tone OFFPITCH
Security on strand needs to be assessed before taking risks SAFETYFACTOR
Tracks where those acting the clown are by ringing the tech team CIRCUITS
What those on the bench could do to be the centre of attention? HOLDCOURT
Working illegally on small screen and casting on the radio PHISHING