The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1141

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Clues Answers
Almost separate, then trim, vegetable PARSNIP
Associate team with pleasurable thrill SIDEKICK
British officer in charge touring a northern area BALTIC
But it usually comes on round plates? square meal
Card dealer renegotiates our price CROUPIER
Finished being repaired, wasting millions ENDED
Friend at length to become less interesting PALL
I don’t have any colouring stick IMPALE
Insist on one male model IMPOSE
Mad artist converted to playwright DRAMATIST
Maliciously criticise why I need dentist BADMOUTH
Manage pub, sporting such a moustache? HANDLEBAR
Manage vestment for priest COPE
Clues Answers
Match total TALLY
Maybe finished reading a mystery closed book
Modest about one’s discipline CHASTISE
Nightmare in America about small child INCUBUS
Not admit study takes a year DENY
On the way to Paris en route
Second person starts to yell “Ow!” unnecessarily YOU
Signal letter read out CUE
Simple task commander-in-chief finds hard CINCH
Somewhat insaner old emperor NERO
Team in a stew, having to create a cartoon ANIMATE
Tough times are very close hard by
With chilling effect, remove son from Mediterranean island ICILY