- Jul 17 2018

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Clues Answers
''Be __ as it may . . .'' THAT
''Golden'' song OLDIE
''If __ be so bold . . .'' IMAY
''This can't be!'' OHNO
''Without further __ . . .'' ADO
Annoying one PEST
Auto racer Earnhardt DALE
Backyard storage building SHED
Be sociable at a party MINGLE
Big Apple baseballers METS
Big jump LEAP
Birds' homes NESTS
Bit of bird food SEED
Carve in stone ETCH
Catches red-handed NABS
Cobweb builder SPIDER
Cold __ (freezing) ASICE
Collegian's field of study MAJOR
Colored, as Easter eggs DYED
Corn discards COBS
Couches SOFAS
Doing nothing IDLE
Entices LURES
Everest or Ararat MOUNT
Farmer's place, in a kids' song DELL
Flat-bottomed boat BARGE
Formal dresses GOWNS
Four letters in ''Mississippi'' ESSES
Green sauce PESTO
Hair untangler COMB
Hiker's path TRAIL
Hits the road GOES
Improve, as wine AGE
In the lead AHEAD
In this place HERE
Island near Oahu MAUI
Jump into a pool SPLASH
Leave out OMIT
Math proportion RATIO
Clues Answers
Noble actions DEEDS
Not many AFEW
Notion that leads to a solution BRIGHTIDEA
Object of astronomers' search INTELLIGENTLIFE
Object of worship IDOL
Optimistic ROSY
Parceled (out) METED
Part of a semicolon COMMA
Parts of a vise JAWS
Photographer's device CAMERA
Piccolo cousin FIFE
Pirate's haul LOOT
Pizza portion SLICE
Pleasant NICE
Potato-growing state IDAHO
Probabilities ODDS
Proverb BYWORD
Proverb or maxim WISESAYING
Queens and princes ROYALS
Quick swims DIPS
Raspy-voiced HOARSE
Response to ''Are not!'' AMTOO
Round Table king ARTHUR
Runner's event RACE
Service charge FEE
Shirt size bigger than med LGE
Smart and clever SHREWD
Super-duper AONE
Teacup damage CHIP
Tell it like __ (be candid) ITIS
Toy dog, for short PEKE
Try to find SEEK
Turn the wheel STEER
Utmost degree NTH
Very powerful MIGHTY
Walking __ (very happy) ONAIR
Weed-chopping farm tool HOE
__ about (roughly) ONOR
__ sauce (Chinese condiment) SOY