- Jul 13 2018

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Clues Answers
''I hate that!'' GRR
''State of the Union'' airer CNN
A-to-F intervals SIXTHS
Arrives in HITS
Be carried in the air WAFT
Be loath to decide WAFFLE
Blade materials ALLOYS
Blazes suddenly FLARES
Bleaching agent LYE
Button for texting SEND
Car named to evoke safety SENTRA
Clobbered, in Joshua SMOTE
Cultural grant org NEA
Delivery service stamp RUSH
Element 7, 8, or 10 GAS
Encouraging words DONTSTOP
Fifth word of the Koran ALLAH
First-century tyrant NERO
Flowery keepsake LEI
For formals DRESSY
Gettysburg __ last sentence (theme of puzzle) ADDRESS
Green guard TRAP
Happen next ENSUE
His work gave us ''impressionism'' MONET
Informal refusal IXNAY
Injustice WRONG
Isn't daunted DARES
It's carried in the air ODOR
It's not wheat CHAFF
James Blake's nickname EUBIE
Julie's Oscar role MARY
Keeps HAS
Kid in a kilt LAD
Left over, in a way UNEATEN
Lighthearted AIRY
Make a slip ERR
Make calls REF
Make calls UMP
Clues Answers
Many AMA members GPS
McEnroe contemporary LENDL
Measure of force DYNE
Not fixed FLUID
Not like at all DEPLORE
Of the fleet NAVAL
Online assistance staple FAQS
Perfume bottle FLACON
Pianist's target PEDAL
Postgame segment RECAP
Presidential monogram GHWB
Prior AGO
Private INNER
Prize for Dick Francis EDGAR
Professorial concoction EXAM
Range near the Arctic Ocean URALS
Really old IRS form? MXL
Sense of propriety TACT
Shade close to chestnut TAN
Since many asked for it BYPOPULARDEMAND
Snoozeville HOHUM
Sparkling paperweight GEODE
St. Anthony's home PADUA
Steady of hand SURE
Stocking stuffer TOE
Street sign abbr AVE
Strong devotion ARDOR
Terre dans une mer ILE
Thousandth of micro- NANO
Unfortunate SAD
Western South Dakota ESS
Whatever you want ANYTHING
White stone OPAL
Whom Cline mentored LYNN
Winery device PRESS
Wintry, in product names SNO
Yr.-round setting in Sedona MST
__ Farms (Target house brand) ARCHER