Universal - Apr 22 2009

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Clues Answers
''Anybody home?'' HELLO
''Cape Fear'' star NOLTE
''Potpourri for 200, ___'' ALEX
''The Tattooed Girl'' novelist Joyce Carol OATES
''Wide World of Sports'' producer Arledge ROONE
'60s Tarzan Ron ELY
A degree of success? PHD
Advice for deck hands KNOWTHEROPES
Advice for fishermen CASTAWIDENET
Advice for rowing crews DONTROCKTHEBOAT
Air homonym EER
Alternative to nothing ALL
Argentine plain LLANO
Barbecue sound SSS
Bela's ''Son of Frankenstein'' role YGOR
Billion-year increments, in geology EONS
Billionaire into books OPRAH
Blue-blooded NOBLE
Broadway orphan ANNIE
Brontë's Jane EYRE
Choral components ALTOS
Consumed consomme ATE
Cookbook directive BASTE
Cracker's focus SAFE
Crimea conference attended by Churchill YALTA
Cynical laugh sound HEH
Deer offspring FAWNS
Defendant, to a juror PEER
Dream guy MRRIGHT
Earned a hand? ANTED
Fall lead-in? PRAT
Forest nymph DRYAD
Hip to INON
Hordes SCADS
Kind of contrast STARK
Like cool cats HEP
McDonald's tray liner PLACEMAT
Metal-coated PLATED
Clues Answers
Nest noises PEEPS
Nickname for a sharpshooter DEADEYE
Not just feuding ATWAR
Obsessive whaler of fiction AHAB
Page with views, briefly OPED
Part of a float SODA
Pinch pennies SKIMP
Pirate's potation GROG
Possessive declaration MINE
Professor 'iggins, to Eliza Doolittle ENRY
Put one's feet up RELAX
Result of hocus-pocus HEX
Reverse, as a typo UNDO
Riled (up) HET
She played Glinda in ''The Wiz'' LENA
Shemp, for one STOOGE
Skeletal unit ULNA
Some retirement accts. IRAS
Splendiferous SUPERB
Stamps one's approval OKS
Start of a daisy-plucker's phrase SHE
Study surface DESK
Support for a clown STILT
Tax loophole SHELTER
Tedious affair YAWNER
They may be on the back PATS
Thick block SLAB
Thumbs downs NOS
Triple Crown stat RBI
Unlocked area? BALDSPOT
Unusually large HUGE
Vehicle with a checkered past? TAXI
Wear through weathering ERODE
Well-chosen APT
Went silent (with ''up'') CLAMMED
Wife of Abraham SARAH
With a clean slate ANEW
Word yelled to halt a stickball game CAR
___ y Plata (Montana motto) ORO