L.A. Times Daily - Apr 17 2009

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Clues Answers
"Again ..." IREPEAT
"Ageless Body, Timeless Mind" author CHOPRA
"Awakenings" Oscar nominee DENIRO
"Must've been something __" IATE
"__ been had!" IVE
21st Greek letter PHI
Actor Estrada ERIK
Actor whose birth name was Aristoteles SAVALAS
Allen and Burton TIMS
AOL rival MSN
Assimilates BLENDSIN
Bo Diddley hit IMAMAN
Broadcast AIRED
Brunch fare QUICHE
Butterfly units? STROKES
Chaplin's last wife OONA
Chart again REMAP
Chemistry Nobelist Otto HAHN
Chi.-based flier UAL
City with a view of the Laramie Mountains CASPER
Classic breakup line, and a hint to the formation of this puzzle's theme answers ITSNOTYOUITSME
Cockney anticipation? OPE
Cotton plant originally from Peru PIMA
Crossed (out) XED
Dander IRE
Datebook abbr. TUE
Dogs in shoes? FEET
Enthusiastic agreement YESYES
Env. contents ENCS
Farmer's concerns CROPS
Father-daughter boxers ALIS
Film buff's station AMC
Filmdom's Lupino IDA
Fit for service ONEA
Floor covering WAX
Clues Answers
German town DORF
Gold or silver ELEMENT
Grocery section AISLE
Headline about carpentry work for a new financial institution? BANKFRAMED
Home in the Alps CHALET
Hook's mate in his formative years? ABOYNAMEDSMEE
Lex Luthor's 200, and others IQS
Lime ending ADE
Manhattan area above Houston Street NOHO
Milo of "Barbarella" OSHEA
Muscular doll KEN
November winners INS
Old-timey "not" NARY
One in Tarzan's family tree? SIMIAN
Paul who played the principal in "The Breakfast Club" GLEASON
Pooh pooh-bah MILNE
Quartier d'__: July/August Parisian festival ETE
Rock salt HALITE
Sailor's heading ALEE
Saintly ring HALO
Satisfy the munchies EAT
Scot's topper TAM
Simpson dad with a dozen donuts? HAPPYHOMER
Some NFL receivers TES
Step in a pizza recipe? MOMENTOFOLIVES
Suffers AILS
Suffix with Caesar EAN
Tempest STORM
Thermometer, e.g. SENSOR
Tranquility REPOSE
Vegas's __ Grand MGM
Western omen NOOSE
__ dictum: passing remark OBITER