USA Today - Aug 13 2018

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Clues Answers
'My bad!' SORRY
'My turn to hit' IMUP
'That's a fact' SURE
'Vinyl' release ALBUM
15-Acrosses, for short LPS
Abrasive particles GRIT
Acknowledged an ovation BOWED
Act the drifter ROVE
Airline bag add-on LUGGAGETAG
Ankle-length skirt MAXI
Anthony Hopkins, in 'Thor' ODIN
Apt to believe anything NAIVE
Architects' renderings PLANS
Blue-skinned 'Avatar' race NAVI
Borrower's burden DEBT
Broken-down horses NAGS
Canoeists shoot them RAPIDS
Cat's sunning spot, perhaps SILL
Clobbering with snowballs, e.g PELTING
Coin depicting a harp, perhaps EURO
Cornstalk growth EAR
Difficult to move LEADEN
Double-crossing sorts WEASELS
Dragon's hangout LAIR
Enterprise fleet unit AUTO
Falco of 'Law & Order True Crime' EDIE
Fish in some subs TUNA
Fishing line mishap SNAG
Flash drive contents DATA
Gloomy atmosphere PALL
Got on in life AGED
Great Plains tunneler PRAIRIEDOG
Greece's national drink OUZO
It's good, in 'Wall Street' GREED
Itinerary word VIA
Know-it-all SMARTY
Live-streaming delays LAGS
Look fixedly GAZE
Clues Answers
Made a mess of, militarily? ATE
Many a Little Leaguer, now GIRL
Many an Easter chocolate EGG
Muscle-bone connector SINEW
Name on a banana sticker DOLE
Nation north of Somalia YEMEN
Not wonderful, but not woeful SOSO
Oil in Caesar salad OLIVE
On a hot streak LUCKY
Pass, as time GOBY
Personalizes, as a pendant ENGRAVES
Power network GRID
Predator of penguins LEOPARDSEAL
Rap sheet detail PRIOR
Reach a high point of CREST
Refuse to obey DEFY
Regional wildlife FAUNA
Render unusable RUIN
Root canal implement DENTALDRILL
Ruffle the feathers of PEEVE
Ruffles the feathers of IRKS
Scanner's creation IMAGE
Share a border with ABUT
Short squabbles SPATS
Skater's leap AXEL
Snack brand in a foil pan JIFFYPOP
Social goofballs DORKS
Source of pressure, to many teens PEER
State as fact AVER
Tennis judge's call LET
Time evoked by a period piece ERA
Travel like a 49-Across SWIM
Varsity players, informally JOCKS
Volkswagen's luxury line AUDI
Wish undone RUE
With caution SAFELY
Word after '&,' in business names SONS
Yield to a demand CAVE
Young ones SMALLFRY