USA Today - Aug 10 2018

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Clues Answers
'Ben-Hur' novelist Wallace LEW
'Ben-Hur' or 'Gladiator' EPIC
'Black Beauty' novelist Sewell ANNA
'Peachy keen!' NEATO
'Something's wrong' feeling UNEASE
'Toodles!' TATA
1777 battle site SARATOGA
Alan of 'The Longest Ride' ALDA
Amazon basin land PERU
Approaches one's golden years AGES
Big name in pineapples DOLE
Bout-starting sound BELL
Bricklayers' troughs HODS
Buoy the spirits of ELATE
Bush 43 library sch SMU
Car for a 60-Across, often LIMO
Coincidental, in an unsettling way EERIE
Common sauerbraten meat BEEF
Craps table surface FELT
Criticizes savagely RIPS
Device with a cassette drive, perhaps TAPERECORDER
Don't allow to lapse RENEW
Doomed to fail FUTILE
Enjoyed takeout ATE
Every child inherits them GENES
Executes flawlessly ACES
Fantasy league datum STAT
Fillies, as adults MARES
Fitzgerald, the 'Queen of Jazz' ELLA
Fixed fee SETRATE
Fox series that has spawned numerous albums GLEE
Front-office figure, for short EXEC
Genre with confessional lyrics EMO
Gnawing pests MICE
Golf range club DRIVER
Greased auto part AXLE
Handily shows approval? CLAPS
Hearing aid of yore EARTRUMPET
Clues Answers
Highlander's topper TAM
In the latest style CHIC
Incinerator remnant ASH
Joined with stitches SEAMED
Kansan dog of moviedom TOTO
Kimono-clad entertainers GEISHAS
Knock to the canvas DECK
Leaves the station DEPARTS
Like liters and meters METRIC
Lion's share MOST
Load of bunk LIE
Many a LASIK candidate MYOPE
Martini's partner in wines ROSSI
Masked dueler's blade EPEE
Monkey-see, monkey-do type COPYCAT
Moore of 'Empire' DEMI
Musial in Cooperstown STAN
Negotiations hang-up SNAG
Net surfer's stop SITE
Not clueless about ONTO
One with a subsidiary role SECONDFIDDLE
Pacific battle site of June-July 1944 SAIPAN
Penobscot's state MAINE
Pine-___ (cleaner brand) SOL
Pizzeria order SLICE
Play chords, perhaps STRUM
Quantum theory particles ATOMS
Result of practice, hopefully MASTERY
Richard's running mate SPIRO
School cancellation cause SNOW
Shop jargon ARGOT
Smell something fierce REEK
Speck on an ocean map ISLE
Stash in the hold STOW
Tends to a tot BABYSITS
Tomato in Italian cookery ROMA
Word before market or media MASS
You can't live without it VITALORGAN