- Apr 12 2009

Clues Answers
''Dukes of Hazzard'' villain HOGG
''Honor Thy Father'' author TALESE
''Immediately!'' ASAP
''Immediately!'' NOW
''Orinoco Flow'' singer ENYA
''Peachy keen!'' NEATO
''We're on!'' ITSAGO
''Would __ to you?'' ILIE
+, for short POS
11/11 honoree VET
54 Across participant COP
601, in old Rome DCI
72 Down piece ARIA
Accord competitors CAMRYS
Actress Téa LEONI
African antelope ELAND
Alliance since '49 NATO
Amber material RESIN
Amp purveyor MUSICSTORE
Athos or Aramis MUSKETEER
Australian gem OPAL
Banned bug spray DDT
Bar mitzvah dance HORA
Bard's ''before'' ERE
Basil or oregano HERB
Be in debt OWE
Beatle bride ONO
Beauty-pageant adornment SASH
Bestow upon AWARD
Bill squelcher VETO
Bishop's domain DIOCESE
Boss' summons SEEME
Bread browner TOASTER
Capital on a fjord OSLO
Charlemagne realm: Abbr. HRE
Chem classes LABS
Comfy retreats DENS
Common conjunction NOR
Computer typeface ARIAL
Corner pieces ROOKS
Cozumel cash PESO
Cropped up AROSE
Cultural doings ARTS
Cut out ENDED
Cyber-conversation CHAT
Davis of ''Do the Right Thing'' OSSIE
DC bigwig SEN
Do lunch EAT
Driver's lic. et al. IDS
Dyers' vessels VATS
Fencer's cry ENGARDE
Filling with cargo LOADING
Flash-drive filler DATA
Flow back EBB
Get blubbery CRY
Getty or Rockefeller OILBARON
Gives a boost to AIDS
Glider's lack ENGINE
GNP, e.g. STAT
Gold, in Guatemala ORO
Golden __ (senior) AGER
GPS reading NNE
Green land ERIN
Highest level ACME
In full flower ABLOOM
Info on a W-2 SSN
Isle near Aruba BONAIRE
Kent State's state OHIO
Knighted ones SIRS
Lagoon site ATOLL
Lane or Hale NATHAN
Clues Answers
Letter starter DEAR
Loyalist of 1776 TORY
Lunar vehicles LANDERS
Management level TIER
Mideast ruler EMIR
Multitude SEA
Needing cutting TOOLONG
None too happy SORE
Not as strict LOOSER
Not exactly friendly COOL
Not included: Abbr. ADDL
NPR journalist Marvin KALB
Nursery-rhyme snoozer LITTLEBOYBLUE
Olmert or Barak EHUD
One-band set AMRADIO
Opp. of 52 Across NEG
Option for Hamlet TOBE
Oscar winner as Mr. Chips DONAT
Panel reading DIAL
Paper smudge ERASURE
Part of a Santa costume BEARD
Pension-plan law ERISA
Pesky swarmer GNAT
Pierce portrayer ALDA
Play about Capote TRU
Portuguese explorer MAGELLAN
President after Tyler POLK
Prom rentals LIMOS
Puccini work OPERA
Put one's trust in DEPENDON
Regarding, in memos ASTO
Resistance unit OHM
Rhett Butler's bride OHARA
Rich soil LOAM
Road-test need AUTOMOBILE
Rounded hill KNOLL
Russia's __ Mountains URAL
Safari sighting RHINOCEROS
Schlepped TOTED
Search for an escapee MANHUNT
See 53 Across ROREM
Seven Hills city ROME
Sigher's words AHME
Signs on again REUPS
Simple, peaceful place ARCADIA
Singer Fitzgerald ELLA
Soccer-stadium cries OLES
Social misfit NERD
Sounded like a goose HONKED
Stage direction ENTER
States under oath SWEARS
Stimpy's pal REN
Suffix with schnozz OLA
Supply partner DEMAND
Sweetie pie DOLL
Theme answers' commonality THEYHAVEHORNS
Tie-breaking periods: Abbr. OTS
Timex competitor CASIO
Tire hub of 2 Down AKRON
Topper for Hägar VIKINGHAT
Trellis climber, perhaps POLEBEAN
Tuscan city SIENA
Warning sound SIREN
Web-footed mammal OTTER
Weighed down LADEN
Western film OATER
Witches' concoction BREW
With 113 Across, Pulitzer Prize composer NED
Yawning, maybe BORED
__ about ONOR
__ Hawkins Day SADIE
__ Scotia NOVA