Ink Well xwords - Apr 10 2009

Clues Answers
'9 to 5: The Musical' spec DDD
'I ... don't know how to answer that' UMM
'Steady ___ goes!' ASSHE
'Straight ____ Compton' OUTTA
'The Inca Princess' Sumac YMA
551, formerly DLI
Arles summers ETES
As needed, as salt TOTASTE
Certain flat-screen, briefly LCDTV
Cheesy hairstyle necessities GELS
Come back from a breakup REBOUND
Composer Schumann CLARA
Cowboy running back legend Smith EMMITT
Craps disaster SNAKEEYES
DJ's concern RPMS
Fast, violent swimmers ORCAS
Fictional crime-fighting attire CAPE
Fine-tuned the bass, say EQED
Gift behind the podium ELOQUENCE
Green NEW
Gulager of 'The Return of the Living Dead' CLU
Hot-button topic, often RACE
Include secretly, as in an email exchange BCC
Instrument played by 7-Down in 'The Secret Life of Bees' CELLO
Job estimate QUOTE
John who served as GHWB's Chief of Staff SUNUNU
Join the other waiters? GETAQUEUE
Keys on the piano? ALICIA
Lacto-___ vegetarian OVO
Line likely to lead nowhere HAVEWEMET
Loose, as oxen UNYOKED
Men's Wearhouse rental TUX
Moralizer's sound TSK
Morricone who scored 'The Thing' and 'A Fistful of Dollars' ENNIO
Muscle soreness, to doctors MYALGIA
Clues Answers
MySpace message sender TOM
Necessities: Abbr. REQS
Pamper, perhaps SEETO
Phil who dissed Pete Seeger in 'Love Me, I'm a Liberal' OCHS
Player's skill GAME
Popped the question ASKED
Quagmire MORASS
Respond to the raising of a hand CALLON
Royalty in need of oiling? SQUEAKYQUEEN
Scoundrel KNAVE
Second-century pope PIUSI
Self-proclaimed 'luckiest man on the face of the earth' GEHRIG
Shapes subj. GEOM
Shuts up, more politely QUIETS
Sing like Leonard Cohen CROON
Singing range for castrati, often SOPRANO
Something comfortable, so to speak OLDSHOE
Subject of many a Human Rights Watch story BURMA
Super uptight ANAL
Take a breather SIT
Tall, extinct bird MOA
The Buckeyes, for short OSU
The glitterati BEAUMONDE
Thing a host might warn you not to touch, after 'that' DIAL
Things featured at touristy productions in Honolulu UKES
Try to sack, say RUNAT
Un-PC high school class HOMEEC
Unabashedly out? LOUDANDQUEER
Vessel for a non-singles cruise? ARK
Witticism at the Raid factory? ROACHQUIP
Word after bad or smart ASS
Words from a friend at the door ITSME, e.g. (I'm just saying) URL
___ de toilette EAUX
___-Magnon man CRO