New York Times - Jun 6 2018

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Clues Answers
'Baloney!' NOTSO
'Harper Valley ___' (1968 hit) PTA
'You betcha!' YEP
1,049-mile race IDITAROD
1974 C.I.A. parody SPYS
1975 Best Musical Tony winner, with 'The' WIZ
2018 Super Bowl champs EAGLES
A little dense SLOW
Academic address ender EDU
Al ___ (pasta order) DENTE
Algonquian language OJIBWA
Bank charge FEE
Become too sweet after a while, say CLOY
Buffalo hockey player SABRE
Bundle up ENWRAP
Cause of a bee sting's sting TOXIN
Crackerjack ACE
Creed of Hollywood APOLLO
Declared on a stack of Bibles SWORE
Demolition letters TNT
End of the quip FORIT
Entwined WOVE
Hems' partners HAWS
Howe'er THO
Identify on Facebook TAG
Implement for confident crossword solvers PEN
It's not free of charge ION
Jamboree attendee SCOUT
John F. Kennedy and Jimmy Carter served in it USNAVY
John with 56 Top 40 singles in the U.S ELTON
Just as planned ONCUE
Kind of off-season baseball 'league' HOTSTOVE
Leggy wader IBIS
Letters on a lotion bottle SPF
Little person PYGMY
Locale of many cookie-cutter homes SUBURBIA
Many an ex-president's book MEMOIR
Missouri city, informally STJOE
Clues Answers
Modern lead-in to call ROBO
Navigation hazards REEFS
Needing quarters, maybe COINOP
Old telephone service provider, informally MABELL
Other, in Acapulco OTRO
Otherworldly EERIE
Overly fussy ANAL
Part 2 of the quip KLEPTOMANIABUT
Part 3 of the quip WHENITGETSBAD
Part 4 of the quip ITAKESOMETHING
Pipe bend ELL
Pot-scrubbing brand SOS
Potential Emmy nominee TVSTAR
Precious stone that has been found on Mars (fun fact!) OPAL
Pricy wristwatch ROLEX
QB Roethlisberger BEN
Quick turn ZIG
Reply: Abbr ANS
River crossed by Westminster Bridge THAMES
School of whales GAM
Send to attack SICON
Sensei's teaching JUDO
She-bear, in Baja OSA
Source of the milk for pecorino Romano cheese EWE
Sow chow SLOP
Speleologist CAVER
Spend the night in STAYAT
Start of a quip attributed to British comedian Ken Dodd IHAVE
Suffix with narc- OSIS
Sweet tubers YAMS
The New ___ (weekly) YORKER
The ___ Ridge Boys (country/gospel quartet) OAK
Thomas Edison's middle name ALVA
Town in two Dr. Seuss books WHOVILLE
What's within your range? OVEN
Where a truck driver sits CAB
Y feature GYM
___ greens BEET