Universal - Apr 7 2009

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Clues Answers
''Take a number'' site DELI
''What happened next ...'' THEN
A combo TRIO
A long, backless sofa DIVAN
About 57 degrees, mathematically RADIAN
Assays TESTS
Attract the lifeguard, perhaps FLAIL
Behold amorously OGLE
Belly laughs GUFFAWS
By way of VIA
Can't live without NEED
Cave denizen BAT
Certain terrier SCOTTIE
Chinese staple RICE
Commuter's option RAPIDTRANSIT
Devoured EATEN
Display, as a dean's list POST
Dry and crumbly MEALY
Eggs in water? ROE
Farm unit ACRE
First name in the Jazz Hall of Fame ELLA
Fix your eyes STARE
Foundation of broken stones RIPRAP
Frosting ICING
General ideas GISTS
Historic period ERA
Imitator APER
It can be used for collateral ASSET
It participates in cover-ups LID
Lack of sophistication NAIVETE
Large Asian feline TIGER
Latin bird AVIS
Like some famous fables AESOPIAN
Make a change for the verse? EDIT
Male turkey TOM
Mexican coins CENTAVOS
Clues Answers
Military blockade SIEGE
Mischievous child IMP
Moved to the middle CENTERED
Munchkin ELF
Natural depression VALE
No-tell motel visit TRYST
Novelist Walker ALICE
Ointments for bruises ARNICAS
Omen interpreter SEER
One to be shunned LEPER
One-point Scrabble tiles ENS
Paragon of slipperiness EEL
Paraphernalia GEAR
Peaked ILL
Perched upon ATOP
Prevent legally ESTOP
Prime Minister Hirobumi ITO
Pronoun for a destroyer SHE
Put on cloud nine ELATE
School liaison org. PTA
Sci-fi vessel SPACESHIP
Self-promoter EGOIST
Showed sorrow, in a way WEPT
Signal receiver DISH
Slow-moving craft RIVERBOAT
Small area of ground PLOT
Store window word SALE
Stuff in a bar? SOAP
Super-impress AWE
Symbol of industry ANT
Symbols of silliness GEESE
Thing on a list ITEM
Time to remember EPOCH
To-the-max prefix ULTRA
Trajectory ARC
Type of power STAR
Wahine's offering LEI
Western transport COVEREDWAGON
___ mater ALMA