Jonesin' - May 29 2018

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Clues Answers
'Breaking Bad' network AMC
'Rocky IV' nemesis Ivan DRAGO
'Taxi' actress with a series of health and wellness books MARILUHENNER
'That really wore me out' IMSPENT
'The Treasure of the ___ Madre' SIERRA
'The World Is Yours' rapper NAS
'What the Butler Saw' playwright Joe ORTON
'___ Haw' HEE
2004 Stephen Chow comedy-martial arts film KUNGFUHUSTLE
Actor Rutger of 'Blade Runner' HAUER
Ancient Greek marketplace AGORA
B, in the NATO phonetic alphabet BRAVO
Back muscle LAT
Barely competition (for) NOMATCH
Be hospitable to ASKIN
Bundle of wheat SHEAF
Compounds ADDSON
Domini preceder ANNO
Edible pod OKRA
Endeavoring to, much less formally TRYNA
Ending for bow or brew ERY
Fitting SEEMLY
Fridge sound HUM
Golfing great Sam SNEAD
Group within a group SUBSET
Hominy holder CAN
Hunk of goo GOB
Jouster's weapon LANCE
Key disciple of Buddha ANANDA
Like some gummy candy SOUR
Little argument SPAT
Minigolf's lack TEE
Moron's start? OXY
Movie crew electrician GAFFER
Nail site TOE
Newspaper dist. no CIRC
Nicholas I or II, e.g TSAR
Noisy bird MAGPIE
One with shared custody, maybe COPARENT
Clues Answers
Onion features LAYERS
Org. that goes around a lot NASCAR
Other, in Oviedo OTRO
Out of business, for short RET
Out of money BROKE
Oven protectors MITTS
Paris-to-Warsaw dir ENE
Philosopher David HUME
Picturesque views SCENERY
Pig's enclosure STY
Piñata part TILDE
Pirates' org MLB
Pizzeria order PIE
Planet's turning point AXIS
Pomade alternative GEL
Pump, e.g SHOE
Putin putoff? NYET
Question from one possibly out of earshot DOYOUHEARME
Rapidly FAST
Requesting versions of items at a restaurant that aren't on the list MENUHACKING
River blocker DAM
Runner on soft surfaces SKI
Sammy Hagar album with 'I Can't Drive 55' VOA
Schticky joke ender PUN
Set of steps? FLIGHT
Settle securely ENSCONCE
Shakespearean quintet? ACTS
Sketchy craft UFO
Steakhouse order TBONE
They consist of four qtrs YRS
Three-horse team, Russian for 'a set of three' TROIKA
Top-of-the-line AONE
Unmovable STUCK
Velvet Underground singer Reed LOU
Went from two lanes to one MERGED
World book? ATLAS
___ Mae FANNIE