Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - May 26 2018

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Clues Answers
' been had!' IVE
'Bow-wow!' ARF
'E Pluribus ' UNUM
'Platoon' locale NAM
'So be it' AMEN
Actress Falco EDIE
Affirmative action? NOD
Allow LET
Balkan native SLAV
Bargain DEAL
Baton Rouge sch LSU
Before ERE
Binge JAG
Blue hue AQUA
Booty LOOT
Capital of Azerbaijan BAKU
Caron title role LILI
Coffin support BIER
Composer Mahler GUSTAV
Concertmaster's instrument VIOLIN
Dipped cookies in milk, say DUNKED
Domini ANNO
Former flier SST
Furniture brand IKEA
Ghoulish MORBID
Gold digger? MINER
Grand tale EPIC
I love (Lat.) AMO
Jets or Sharks GANG
Jima IWO
Karaoke selection SONG
Clues Answers
Lair DEN
Locales AREAS
Man-mouse link ORA
Martial art JUDO
Menagerie ZOO
Mexican entree TAMALE
Ms. Thurman UMA
New, in Spain NUEVO
Not many words INSO
Parisian pal AMI
Pitchers' specialties CURVEBALLS
Poetic tribute ODE
Postponed TABLED
Quite enthusiastic GAGA
Reacts to yeast RISES
Recedes EBBS
Sandbox toy PAIL
Schleps LUGS
Sent messages through a phone TEXTED
Skewer SPIT
South Dakota's most populous city SIOUXFALLS
Speck DOT
Submachine guns UZIS
Tex. neighbor OKLA
Tiers ROWS
Web addresses URLS
were (so to speak) ASIT
Witticism QUIP
Wrinkled fruit UGLI
Yank's foe REB
Yoga pad MAT