The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 7651

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Clues Answers
Biblical prophet ISAIAH
Black card SPADE
Church instrument ORGAN
Dissolute man RAKE
Domestic animal CAT
Eg, Leo star sign
Expertise know-how
Fall from faith LAPSE
Fraud SCAM
Garden tool HOE
Garden tool TROWEL
Gardener's basket TRUG
Grow, advance DEVELOP
Hidden store CACHE
Clues Answers
Joined again REUNITED
Last Greek letter OMEGA
Non-professional AMATEUR
One no longer working RETIREE
Physically strong and fit ATHLETIC
Road division FORK
Say something SPEAK
Set of letters ALPHABET
Skin condition ACNE
Traditional poet BARD
Venetian boat GONDOLA
Waste away ATROPHY
Whitehall monument CENOTAPH
Wrist band BRACELET