New York Times - May 1 2018

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Clues Answers
'Good gravy!' EGADS
'Mazel ___!' TOV
'Rock-a-bye Baby' setting TREETOP
'Same here' ASAMI
'So ___ me!' SUE
'The Simpsons' girl LISA
'___ Last Bow' (1917 Sherlock Holmes story) HIS
African game GNU
Aids for butterfly collectors NETS
Airport rental CAR
Alliance LEAGUE
As well TOO
Backs of ships STERNS
Bishop's headdress MITER
Bit of wear for Colonel Sanders STRINGTIE
Bride's path AISLE
Busy bees during tax season, for short CPAS
Caboose, for a train REAR
Certain math ratios SINES
Corned beef dish HASH
Corporation named after a mountain AETNA
Cream ___ SODA
Currency of Tunisia DINAR
Dole out ALLOT
Early means of providing light for a photograph FLASHLAMP
Figure in many a sci-fi film ALIEN
Figures on a spreadsheet DATA
Gait faster than a walk TROT
Go (for) OPT
Going on AFOOT
Good place to fish from RIVERBANK
Greek letter that represents the golden ratio PHI
Harlem sights ELS
Hit below the belt KNEED
Infamous impaler VLAD
Kovalchuk of the N.H.L ILYA
Large coffee holders URNS
Latin American seafood dish CEVICHE
Long, drawn-out fight SIEGE
Clues Answers
Macaroni or ravioli PASTA
Meandering AIMLESS
Mexican state that touches Texas NUEVOLEON
More than none but less than all SOME
Morrison who wrote 'Beloved' TONI
Obstacle ... or any one of four black squares in this puzzle? ROADBLOCK
One of two to four in a standard orchestra OBOE
Part of a cattle roundup STEER
Perfect diving score TEN
Perry of fashion ELLIS
Pitcher Hershiser OREL
Play 'monkey see, monkey do'? APE
Poe's middle name ALLAN
Polynesian land east of Fiji TONGA
Prone (to) APT
Push away REPEL
Reader of a Fodor's guide TOURIST
Salient OFNOTE
Skier's convenience TBAR
Slip of paper in a poker pot IOU
Sot's woe, for short DTS
Stanley who wrote 'The Magic Kingdom' ELKIN
Strong wines PORTS
Take another crack at RETRY
Tests the weight of by lifting HEFTS
Thin pancakes with sour cream BLINI
Two-way, as doors INOUT
Under the weather ILL
Unwilling LOATH
Welcome sight in a desert OASIS
White House family with the dog Bo OBAMAS
Winter Olympics equipment SLEDS
Word before City or after Fort on Midwest maps DODGE
Word stamped on an invoice PAID
Work like a dog SLAVE
___ chart PIE