Wall Street Journal - Apr 30 2018 - Do and Clue

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Clues Answers
'China Girl' singer BOWIE
'Dallas' family name EWING
'Path' of Chinese philosophy TAO
Additionally TOO
Ancient AGEOLD
Anger IRE
Asian peninsula KOREA
Barack's vice president JOE
Betelgeuse's constellation ORION
Bookie's figures ODDS
Boxing legend ALI
Carpenter's collection SAWS
Casual eatery CAFE
Coffee company expert TASTER
Copenhagen folks DANES
Covers with turf SODS
Daughter on TV's 'The Goldbergs' ERICA
Deodorant target ARMPIT
Divide up for further analysis, as data SLICEANDDICE
Drinks excessively TOPES
Dwight's wife MAMIE
End of an Army email address MIL
Entertain with a lavish meal WINEANDDINE
Entertainer Midler BETTE
Epic poem of the Trojan War ILIAD
Fashion designer born Hannah Golofski ANNEKLEIN
Fill completely SATE
Forest growth MOSS
Fork features TINES
Free of danger NORISK
Genuine REAL
Gregarious SOCIAL
Gyrfalcon's grasper TALON
Had sleeping visions DREAMT
Haddock's kin COD
Have a wet workout SWIM
Hip-hop headwear DORAG
Holy Saturday follower EASTER
Clues Answers
Interstellar cloud NEBULA
Japanese port OSAKA
La Scala song ARIA
Log choppers AXES
Lustrous gem OPAL
Maker of the Sportage and the Rio KIA
Margarine, quaintly OLEO
Method WAY
MSNBC's Melber ARI
Norway neighbor SWEDEN
Not quite shut AJAR
Once more ANEW
Org. that combats trafficking DEA
Painful salon treatment BIKINIWAX
Peer group? EYES
Reception for a politician or celebrity MEETANDGREET
Recipe amts TSPS
Rink surface ICE
Rolling Stones guitarist Wood RON
Running total TALLY
Rustic hotel INN
Script snippet LINE
Self-confidence APLOMB
Sock section TOE
Spine-tingling EERIE
Sport with long mallets POLO
Stock fraud scheme PUMPANDDUMP
Sunflower State resident KANSAN
Take a palm to SLAP
Take ___ for the worse ATURN
Takes the trophy WINS
Tender spot? BAR
The delicate cycle may be used for them KNITS
Title for a peeress LADY
Tooth coating ENAMEL
Umpire's call SAFE
Wore down ERODED
World's second-largest country CANADA