The A.V Club - Mar 25 2009

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Clues Answers
'Australia' director Luhrmann BAZ
'Heart and ___' (1987 hit for 58-Down) SOUL
'Hogan's Heroes' epithet KRAUTS
'Lost' actor Daniel ___ Kim DAE
'Madagascar' lion ALEX
'The Dukes of Hazzard' deputy ENOS
'The Evil Dead' protagonist ASH
'The Forbidden Kingdom' star JETLI
'The Price ___' (Billy Bragg song) OFOIL
'The Way I ___' (2007 Timbaland hit) ARE
'___ Fables' AESOPS
80's band named for a Star Trek character TPAU
Ankaran of color AFROTURK
Assists and such STATS
Broadcasting ONAIR
Bunch of sheetheads? KLAN
California hometown of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman OJAI
Check casher PAYEE
Circular display used to make choices in some video games PIEMENU
Color of el tomate ROJO
Company originally formed by GE RCA
Country named after its highest mountain KENYA
Dane of 'Grey's Anatomy' ERIC
Destination for TKTS patrons BWAY
Detroit beer baron Bernhard STROH
Disturbs the peace, and then some RIOTS
Engage in frottage RUB
Extra numbers? ENCORE
Fat Albert's favorite superhero BROWNHORNET
Former NBA forward Vandeweghe KIKI
Gerald Ford, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama came from them BROKENHOMES
Gold quantities INGOTS
Highlands hat TAM
Hoop height in some youth basketball leagues NINEFEET
Hot box? SAUNA
Hulk's daughter, and FHM's first cover model younger than 21 BROOKEHOGAN
Hungarian violinist Leopold AUER
Identify, as a botanical sample KEYOUT
It may commence after commencement JOBHUNT
Clues Answers
Legendary skateboarders chronicled in 'Lords of Dogtown' ZBOYS
Lifted the downtrodden BROUGHTHOPE
Mine mover TRAM
Motto for this puzzle BROSBEFOREHOS
Negro League great Turkey ____, 2000 Baseball Hall of Fame inductee STEARNES
Not be straight LIE
One of 64, in Louisiana PARISH
One payment listed on a W-2 form STATETAX
Part of E.R.A. EARNED
Part of Q&A: Abbr. ANS
Persian greeting? MEOW
Phoenix's NHL team COYOTES
Product boycotted in 'Milk' COORS
Psychic emanations AURAE
Pursues, as a hobby ISINTO
Ride elevators? JACKS
Rug rat TOT
Seek change? BEG
Shared between us OURS
Sitter's bane BRAT
Six-time Daytime Emmy winner Erika SLEZAK
Some college lecturers NONPHDS
Sparkler? GEM
Sparkles GLEAMS
Stick-up man on 'The Wire' OMAR
Swed. neighbor NOR
Sweetie HON
Teeming (with) ASWARM
Time being NONCE
Tombstone site OKCORRAL
Tools, as it were JOHNSONS
Top prize at the Barcelona Olympics ORO
Trompe l'___ OEIL
Vistas of ample opportunity BROADHORIZONS
W-2 issuing agcy. IRS
Word with pipe or smoke BOMB
___ ghanoush BABA
___ Vallarta PUERTO