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Clues Answers
'... -- thousand times ...' NOA
'All By Myself' singer [1] ERIC
'Auld Lang --' SYNE
'Bedazzled' co-star [2] ELIZABETH
'Bingo!' AHA
'Christina's World' painter [6] ANDREW
'Explorer' of cartoons DORA
'Fire and Ice' singer Pat BENATAR
'Gladiator' was his last film [10] OLIVER
'Inception' director Christopher NOLAN
'Just -- suspected' ASI
'Little House on the Prairie' co-star [3] MICHAEL
'Skyfall' star Daniel CRAIG
'Smooth' guitarist [8] CARLOS
'The Way -- Flesh' OFALL
-- Angeles LOS
-- loss ATA
-- Mae (loan offerer) SALLIE
151, to Cato CLI
1990 Cyrano de Bergerac portrayer [9] GERARD
2002-09 'American Idol' judge [5] PAULA
2009 horror film sequel SAWVI
Ability to interest lots of people MASSAPPEAL
Acrimony, to Brits RANCOUR
All: Prefix OMNI
Anna who won Best Actress for 'The Rose Tattoo' MAGNANI
Annual international beauty pageant MISSEARTH
Apropos of INRE
Arty dabblers DILETTANTI
Back in time AGO
Baghdad site IRAQ
Boot out EVICT
Boxer, e.g DOG
Bruce Springsteen hit of 1985 IMONFIRE
Building brick ADOBE
Came into ENTERED
Carpal or tarsal lead-in META
Chart for mariners SEAMAP
Chuckle gleefully CHORTLE
Church parts APSES
Climbing vine IVY
Common wrapped sushi item TUNAROLL
Conk HIT
Crater part RIM
Cross each other INTERSECT
Driver's license fig., e.g IDNO
Dying rebuke from Caesar ETTU
Early garden EDEN
False front FACADE
Fills up SATES
Folk rocker DiFranco ANI
Food scrap ORT
France, once GAUL
Functions USES
Golden State sch USC
Got too big for OUTGREW
Grammy winner for 'Criminal' [7] FIONA
Hawk again RESELL
Head, in Metz TETE
Heroic dog of old TV RINTINTIN
I, in Berlin ICH
In some way OFASORT
Iroquois tribe members ERIES
Jolson and Pacino ALS
Large game bass STRIPER
Laura of 'ER' INNES
Lead-in to light or night TWI
Levy on a food preserver SALTTAX
Like many survey questions YESNO
Clues Answers
Luhrmann who directed 2013's 'The Great Gatsby' BAZ
Maiden in 'The Raven' LENORE
Makes another proposal REBIDS
Maple fluid SAP
Maui goose NENE
Mil. interceptor ABM
Misses, in Mexico SENORITAS
Napoli's land ITALIA
Neighbor of Thailand CAMBODIA
Nine-sided shape NONAGON
Oahu garland LEI
Old Russian ruler TSAR
Olympic figure-skating gold medalist of 2002 [4] SARAH
Once called NEE
Ones putting up buildings ERECTORS
Ones sowing SEEDERS
Ordinarily ASARULE
P followers QRS
Pale silvery color ASHGRAY
Papas DADS
Party server URN
Pastry with dried grapes RAISINPIE
Peace Nobelist Root ELIHU
Pencil top ERASER
Periods of note ERAS
Plops (down) SITS
Poet Allen TATE
Pop singer Del Rey LANA
Provo's state UTAH
Restrained REINEDIN
Rich rock ORE
Road goop TAR
Rod on a car AXLE
Roping tools LASSOS
Sac fly stats RBIS
See 119-Down ACTE
Severe chest pain ANGINA
Shreds RIPS
Singer Simpson ASHLEE
Sounding like an angry bull SNORTING
Sports centers ARENAS
Stately tree ELM
Steer a ship NAVIGATE
Stephen, French-style ETIENNE
Stop END
Suffix with dull ARD
Suffix with human OID
Tanning lotion abbr SPF
Tax form fig SSN
Tests for coll. seniors GRES
Top-secret govt. org NSA
Toronto loc ONT
Tumults ADOS
Wee babies NEWBORNS
With 1-Down, play intermission ENTR
Without end, to poets EER
Yale students ELIS
Ye -- shoppe OLDE
Year, in Portuguese ANO
Yellowish pink color TEAROSE
[10] REED