The Sun - Two Speed - Apr 24 2018

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Clues Answers
Afro-Cuban dance music RUMBA
Bard's Anne HATHAWAY
British free-range sausage! BANGER
Building level STOREY
Caribbean island CUBA
Cenotaph, eg MEMORIAL
Coarse-grained rock GRANITE
Crazy Ivan too gets warm reception OVATION
EEC admit prepared to destroy DECIMATE
Examine pitch firstly in cricket? INSPECT
Female warrior AMAZON
French police officer GENDARME
Get on with English recruit ENGAGE
Gleam on gabled houses between AMONG
Hard rock in grate crumbled GRANITE
Having no direction AIMLESS
Hiding place LAIR
Holy place SHRINE
Iceman slammed in picture-house CINEMA
Interpretation READING
Kill one in ten DECIMATE
Leitmotiv THEME
Look after Liberal in den LAIR
Melissa strangely lacking purpose AIMLESS
Metal IRON
Clues Answers
Motif from the Two-Speed writer? THEME
Movie theatre CINEMA
Mr Gooding's country? CUBA
Nice cop? GENDARME
Old car BANGER
One in wild garden in festival town READING
Oyster-spattered floor STOREY
Peace and harmony ORDER
Penetrating wound in A&E ACUTE
Press Club IRON
Right inside Polish tomb SHRINE
Scandinavian capital OSLO
Scrutinise INSPECT
Severe ACUTE
Shakespeare's wife knows how! HATHAWAY
Smoker's receptacle ASHTRAY
Some go slowly in the capital OSLO
Sort out instruction to waiter ORDER
Spring month APRIL
Statue in Lima more damaged MEMORIAL
Strange sailor up for dance RUMBA
Surprise cut short on river AMAZON
Surrounded by AMONG
Sustained applause OVATION
Time for a shower? APRIL
Where to park your butt? ASHTRAY