The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,707 - Apr 7 2018

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Clues Answers
A peculiar raw sense in knowing what's going on AWARENESS
British trains losing time in seaside places BEACHES
Carry off pretty trailing flower in Devon EXECUTE
Core group of students to welcome around the French university NUCLEUS
Creatures great and small grabbing first aid offered by this person? ASSISTANT
Cult number one upwardly-mobile area SECTION
Energy goes before a nap that's cut short -- most convenient! EASIEST
Examined bug placed by journalist receiving pressure INSPECTED
Excited at a cheap bill with a certain order ALPHABETICAL
It could be the thing ARTICLE
Left back that is certain to get time off LEISURE
Make of liquid I've taken in pain ACHIEVE
One having many members in work after month OCTOPUS
Parking up with pastries for little nippers? PUPPIES
Clues Answers
Part of hospital where tragedies may be played out THEATRE
Picture of island men following star once viewed regularly IMAGINE
Pines for Eden dug up with spades NEEDS
Player that makes more EXTRA
Put delivery label on dead fashionable netting skirt ADDRESSED
Rude to axe old boy that's part of act SCENE
Shove the Spanish child's dog, half-cut ELBOW
Sisters' place with a lino designed to be boring? CONVENTIONAL
Someone dining given seconds by new Chinese, perhaps EASTERN
Southern climate -- husband's taken off warm clothing SWEATER
Standing alone in deep end moving a bit, pleasant but I must get out INDEPENDENCE
This person entering exams works OK SATISFACTORY
Top Ten record maybe covered by One Direction, extremely colourless WHITEST
Two men, both short and small, used as fall guys VICTIMS