The Guardian - Quick crossword No 14,953 - Apr 10 2018

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Clues Answers
At the start ORIGINALLY
Body height STATURE
Conciliate PLACATE
Extreme fear HORROR
Fragrant long-grain rice BASMATI
Freshwater fish RUDD
Fruit and veg merchant GREENGROCER
Local government head MAYOR
Made (anag) — cheese EDAM
Method of making yarn into textile or fabric KNITTING
Prerogative RIGHT
Clues Answers
Rapid revolution SPIN
Recycle REUSE
Seabird TERN
Slight trace — spirit-based drink (informal) TINCTURE
Stoppage DELAY
Time span DURATION
To a high degree VERY
Traditional naval drink GROG
Unpalatable INEDIBLE
Very important CRUCIAL