The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,701 - Mar 31 2018

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Clues Answers
Another thing -- caps must be raised in place of entertainment NIGHTSPOT
Capitol to be rebuilt from a visual perspective OPTICAL
Cast finished, as one might say THREW
Checkout lines BARCODE
City with west-facing heath, setting for soap action? BATHROOM
Column from this writer, penetrating wall-to-wall coverage? PILASTER
Crew at sea coming alongside prow of keel in ruined ship WRECK
Detective, 50, breaking into houses HOLMES
Duck person doing spadework SHOVELLER
Film director's thumb on part of gun HITCHCOCK
Food left in cooler FLAN
Frank seeing that engineers will come later SINCERE
Guided a jerk over castle CITADEL
Making progress where folk meet? Gatheringground
Monocle is adjusted half a stop SEMICOLON
Clues Answers
October -- glacial melting enthrals one concerned with microscopic things BACTERIOLOGICAL
Old school a learner with two degrees attends short time ALMAMATER
One whose intake is sound LISTENER
Pub with old gadget for measuring glass BAROMETER
Record Ordnance Survey trademarks LOGOS
Right to head left, diverting more in shock TREMOR
Ring for service in Jewish bakery? BAGEL
Slight mumble SLUR
Son remains in frame SASH
Steal and finish up here? NICK
Swing over the whole of shipping area ROCKALL
Sword -- I am against it going into wound mark SCIMITAR
That man caught cold touring island, getting feverish HECTIC
Toff, defenceless clerk, becomes more kind GENTLER
Unusually muted, embracing the speaker's boredom TEDIUM