Universal - Jun 30 2001

Clues Answers
''--- Works Hard for the Money'' SHE
''At Seventeen'' singer Janis IAN
''Little Plastic Castle'' singer DiFranco ANI
--- Lanka SRI
157.5 degrees, to a pilot SSE
African expedition SAFARI
Alaskan gold rush hub NOME
An American in Paris, e.g. ALIEN
Author's last word? END
Away from the wind ALEE
Balm ingredient ALOE
Battery terminal ANODE
Cal. abbreviation AUG
Captain's diary LOG
Caribbean dances MAMBOS
Caulking material OAKUM
Cigarette substance TAR
Coffee insert, perhaps DONUT
Covered with frost RIMY
Crockett's last stand ALAMO
Direct in speech FRANK
Dorsey's ''Maria'' ELENA
Dos preceder UNO
First baseball commissioner LANDIS
Formal response to ''Who's there?'' ITISI
Gardener's need SPADE
German link UND
Hank, the homer king AARON
Hindu mystic SWAMI
How one feels by a campfire? WARMASTOAST
In the midst of AMONGST
India and invisible INKS
It may be Swiss or Italian ALP
It may be tall or spun TALE
It's a ''great'' dog DANE
Jung's soul ANIMA
Kind of recording MONO
King David's instrument HARP
Clues Answers
Latent hostility TENSION
Levin or Gershwin IRA
Magic charm TALISMAN
Major airline TWA
Masterson of the Old West BAT
Mauna ---, Hawaiian volcano KEA
Member of 54-Across ARAB
Mezzo-soprano Merriman NAN
Mideast potentate EMIR
Mizzen MAST
Moderately sweet raised rolls HOTCROSSBUNS
Moth whose larvae constructs tentlike webs EGGER
Nay and nah NOS
One forcing himself on others IMPOSER
One of the compound spots on a leopard ROSETTE
Order in a diner, sometimes SUNNYSIDEUP
Over-the-hill mount NAG
Pet that grows on you? CHIA
Pocket-protector wearer, stereotypically NERD
Provide with quarters HOUSE
Royal headgear TIARA
Scorches CHARS
Some salon dyes HENNAS
Squealer RAT
Striplings LADS
Summit ACME
Superdome team SAINTS
Supreme Court quota NINE
There are five per foot TOES
Towel inscription HERS
Tundra transport SLED
West Bank grp. PLO
West of Tinseltown MAE
Wine and song link WOMEN
Word at the altar HONOR
Word with cooker or point PRESSURE