- Apr 2 2018

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Clues Answers
''Get lost!'' SCRAM
401(k) alternatives, for short IRAS
Abel's older brother CAIN
Academy Award OSCAR
Adjust, as a piano TUNE
And others: Abbr ETAL
Angel's topper HALO
Annoying ones PESTS
April's annual Massachusetts race BOSTONMARATHON
April's start for Major League games BASEBALLSEASON
Arrest, informally RUNIN
Artist Salvador __ DALI
Assist in wrongdoing ABET
Atomizer output SPRAY
Backyard barbecue area PATIO
Barber's cutting HAIR
Belonging to that woman HER
Camper's shelter TENT
Cat's cry MEOW
Change for a $20 bill TENS
Chess corner pieces ROOKS
Chinese restaurant beverage GREENTEA
Corporate symbol LOGO
Decorate again REDO
Device to help get into footwear SHOEHORN
Extremely long time EONS
From Dublin IRISH
Gardener's April digging chores SPRINGPLANTINGS
Giraffe's tall feature NECK
Golfers' targets HOLES
Have unpaid bills OWE
High-school dance PROM
Insurance salespersons AGENTS
Is regretful for RUES
Ken or Barbie DOLL
Lavish party BASH
Mamas' mates PAPAS
Middle East pocket bread PITA
Clues Answers
Molecule part ATOM
Ocean's rise or fall TIDE
One more than one TWO
One-person performance SOLO
Out of town AWAY
Pet protection org ASPCA
Pie __ mode ALA
Playful aquatic mammal OTTER
Praiseful poet ODIST
Prefix for circle SEMI
Pretentiously showy ARTSY
Pub drink ALE
Rabbits' relatives HARES
Read, as a bar code SCAN
Remarkable thing PIP
Roads that may cross avenues: Abbr STS
Serving of corn EAR
Several SOME
Sharp door knock RAP
Sign of things to come OMEN
Simultaneously TOGETHER
Something left out OMISSION
Speed-checking beam RADAR
Sweet potato YAM
Tall farm-storage structure SILO
Team's good-luck animal MASCOT
Tennis pro Kournikova ANNA
Triple-decker cookie OREO
Typical Saudi ARAB
Uneasy feeling ANGST
Unlike rolling stones, supposedly MOSSY
Utter aloud SAY
Vote into office ELECT
Wager BET
Whirled SPUN
Without a warranty ASIS
Woodwind instrument OBOE
Word said with a sigh ALAS
__ to the throne (the next to reign) HEIR